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a fielder in cricket who is stationed in the outfield

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Acquired infielder/outfielder Tomy Womack from the Yankees for minor league infielder Kevin Howard and outfielder Ben Himes.
Meanwhile, outfielder Vladimir Guerrero won his fourth Silver Slugger, which is given to the top hitter at each position.
If the infielder has positioned himself underneath the ball, the outfielder should not call for the ball unless it starts drifting toward the outfield.
He was a solid defensive outfielder and a positive presence in an often-fractured clubhouse.
Traded pitcher Mike Myers to the Diamondbacks for outfielders Jack Cust and J.
Professional baseball infielders must become highly skilled at going back on short pop flies since the outfielders have to play quite deep to protect against long fly balls in the outfield.
Outfielders dive for low line drives hit by the outfield coach.
He gives the Angels a much-needed, left-handed bat and reserve outfielder with Jeff DaVanon on the disabled list.
The outfielder just finished a five-year contract with the Anaheim Angels, and will test the free agent market.
The field comes into play, but not as much as knowing your pitchers and the scouting reports of the different hitters and knowing your corner outfielders.
In the final season before the two teams merge, Kintetsu Buffaloes third baseman Norihiro Nakamura earned his fifth Golden Glove award, while outfielders Arihito Muramatsu and Yoshitomo Tani were the two recipients from the Orix BlueWave.
Unless they're staring up at a domed ceiling or a glaring sun, baseball outfielders at all levels of the game typically catch routine fly balls with ease.
Putz, Sean Green and outfielder Jeremy Reed to the Mets in exchange for pitchers Aaron Heilman, Jason Vargas, and Maikel Cleto, outfielders Endy Chavez, Ezequiel Carrera, and infielder Mike Carp.
There have been a lot of teams that play a whole year with just four outfielders, so not having a true fifth outfielder is not a concern for me.
Since these throws are of varying distance, the players should be grouped according to position, such as catchers throwing with catchers and outfielders with outfielders.