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89, with seven not outs in his 16 innings, and clubmate Ben Lindley took the outfield catching award with 25.
Strong defensive outfield trios that consistently prevent runs from scoring are admired by fans, treasured by pitchers and vital to the success of contending teams.
The outfield was vertidrained, which is a machinery procedure that creates holes deep into the ground to vertically drain water away.
She showed a lot of versatility playing catcher, outfield, and third base," Remi said.
The regular ticket price for Field Outfield seats is $40, and Loge Outfield is $30, meaning Field Outfield seats are now $27 and Loge Outfield seats are now $17.
FIFA ruled there must be three goalkeepers, none of whom may double as an outfield player.
Duffy (right) listed keeper Chris McCluskey as a makeshift player and Stephen Ettien as the only outfield man on the bench.
Whenever a team have somebody sent off, they continue with a goalkeeper and nine outfield players - in other words, they forfeit a tenth of their outfield playing strength.
We don't know how healthy he's going to be, how much he can play in the outfield.
The game should have started at 11am but because the outfield hadn't been cut, as on the previous day, there was no play in the morning session.
The directive that the outfield should be cut on the morning of each day is only occasionally adhered to in Minor Counties cricket.
The Mets, in conjunction with their construction partners Hunt-Bovis and HOK, began construction of the 45,000-capacity Citi Field this summer in the outfield parking lot between Shea Stadium and 126th Street.
They stretch single file across the outfield (from foul pole to foul pole).
All did so either before or after winning the award, with the exception of Perry, who played one game in the outfield in 1970, the year he won the Cy Young.
A saturated outfield put paid to any hopes there were of play starting on time at Canterbury in the game between last season's runners-up Kent and Middlesex.