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the outlet of a river or drain or other source of water

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Samples were taken and the hotel was advised to take immediate action to stop the discharge, but a revisit on April 24 saw the same brown effluent going into the water from the outfall.
The emergency marine outfall project will work as a support to an established sewer network and treatment facility which is operational since 2002.
Mangano and attended by AbTech and County officials, as well as Legislator Donald MacKenzie and local environmental groups, it was announced that the County ultimately intends to upgrade all of its stormwater outfall pipes.
Therefore reuse instead of ocean disposal would save only the approximately 50 KWH otherwise required for outfall pumping.
KP and MA Trust, c/o agent, listed building |consent for reduction of water level and alterations to existing mill ponds, sluice and outfall (conservation area), Fountain Grove, Milnsbridge.
In the past, the smaller outfall pipe only sent the treated wastewater a short distance from the coast.
The three most common measures for determining and quantifying the amount of pollutants reaching an outfall are concentrations taken at a specific point in time, pollutant loadings, and Event Mean Concentration (EMC) (GeoSyntec Consultants and UWRRC, 2000).
Now Environment Agency Wales has started work to rebuild the tidal chamber by the promenade and to replace the tidal outfall.
Colin Boagey's weighed a winning 2lb 5oz and was caught at Ranny Pool, while a fish two ounces less from near the outfall put Chris Macey in second.
The two youths were spotted entering the water and starting to swim towards the outfall pipe.
The permanent solution is that we have to build a pumping station at Britannia Outfall, as water from here goes to Britannia Outfall and then flows into the Sea.
Marine outfall construction; background, techniques, and case studies.
Mia shared with attendees experiences gained on the "River Road Storm Sewer Outfall Rehabilitation Project" in the city of Laredo, TX, to rehabilitate a 120-inch corrugated metal pipe (CMP) storm sewer trunkline.
Dewa had extended the closing date for Hassyan seawater intake and outfall system contract to August 31 to enable bidders to get more time.
Environment Agency staff are pushing on with an pounds 8m scheme to protect homes and businesses, including divers working on a flood-water outfall pipe at Tyne Green Park.