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the outlet of a river or drain or other source of water

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But more likely, the website said, it could mean the outfall pipeline has been extended further into the river.
8 billion were allocated for the three projects of Right Bank Outfall Drainage in the fiscal year 2017-18 but not even a single rupees was spent over it owing to disparity between Sindh and Federal government.
Previous studies were performed in order to provide subsidies to Barra da Tijuca's ocean outfall setup.
Samples were taken and the hotel was advised to take immediate action to stop the discharge, but a revisit on April 24 saw the same brown effluent going into the water from the outfall.
The outfall model, DESCAR, is used to determine the spreading and dilution of pollutants under different oceanographic and meteorological forcing.
Total and fecal coliform levels also exceeded acceptable levels in the sample taken from the the drainage outfall in Sitio Bulabog that reached 47,460 MPN/100 ml and 31,126 MPN/100 ml, respectively.
Therefore reuse instead of ocean disposal would save only the approximately 50 KWH otherwise required for outfall pumping.
The study is exploring possibilities of building a drain running parallel to LBOD (Left Bank Outfall Drain) and ending in Runn of Kuchh.
Sassi Palejo said that LBOD [Left Bank Outfall Drain] and RBOD [Right Bank Outfall Drain] are dangerous drains which carry flood waters.
Now Environment Agency Wales has started work to rebuild the tidal chamber by the promenade and to replace the tidal outfall.
This maximizes the flow capacity of the outfall, which is particularly beneficial in low-lying areas where limited driving head is available.
Colin Boagey's weighed a winning 2lb 5oz and was caught at Ranny Pool, while a fish two ounces less from near the outfall put Chris Macey in second.
The two youths were spotted entering the water and starting to swim towards the outfall pipe.
The permanent solution is that we have to build a pumping station at Britannia Outfall, as water from here goes to Britannia Outfall and then flows into the Sea.
Marine outfall construction; background, techniques, and case studies.