outer garment

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a garment worn over other garments

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According to local administration officials the bomber, who wore an enveloping outer garment or EoACAyburqa' used by women, detonated the explosives just as Ahmad's vehicle in a convoy had passed on its way to the venue of the party's public meeting.
However, I freely admit that I was chuffed at my new outer garment and kept telling my wife: "What a deal - a pounds 95 coat for thirty quid" as if I'd trekked into the jungle and killed a lion with my bare hands for its skin, rather than have a quick look on the clearance rail in the Kingsgate Centre.
The Thingo, designed to be an under and outer garment, has panels made of a type of nylon and Lycra-like material to squeeze in flabby arms and bellies.
First, those big, curvaceous, 30-round magazines are just a bit much for a pistol you might want to conceal under an outer garment.
The Air Force Office of Manpower, Personnel and Services, or AF /A1, at the Pentagon has issued guidance regarding wear of the authorized sage-green fleece outer garment.
Men are clothed in two white unsown sheets " a waist wrapper and an outer garment covering the upper body.
No monstrous figure can remain without shape for long, however, for there is a need to give it a form, to cloak it, cover it over, as all thinking of form has to do with wearing or donning an outer garment or veiling a naked core.
Dramatically, he takes off his outer garment, puts a towel around himself, and then goes before each disciple and, like a slave, Jesus washes their feet.
Zanetti said it all started with friends and relatives asking her to make them what would later become nicknamed burkini, a mix between the word burka, a loose outer garment worn my Muslim women, and bikini.
with a splash-protective outer garment and SCBA; Level C, with a splash-protective outer garment and air-purifying respirator; and Level D, which is normal duty clothes.
Light, $15, which attaches to any outer garment, will help as well.
Up for discussion will be 224 proposed changes in the angling regulations, including a proposal that would require anglers to display their fishing license on their outer garment to "assist with law enforcement.
Pickpockets also use this tactic in warm weather; the outer garment either can be discarded or hidden in a plastic bag carried by the offender.
Each VHRU member is equipped with a police-issued reflector vest to be worn over their outer garment.
The lightweight and non-restrictive design of the Type 11A allows maximum comfort and freedom of movement at all times so that it can be worn as an outer garment and if required can be activated within a matter of seconds.