outer garment

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a garment worn over other garments

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So ahead of her time, Westwood single-handedly blurred the lines between inner garment and outer garment, by turning even the lowly brassiere or corset into mainstream evening wear.
You can wear it as a lightweight outer garment on backcountry hikes, or as a layering piece when sitting a treestand all day in the cold.
Requirements Type Contract For Formal Outer Garment Carriers(External Vest Carriers.
Contradicting CDU positions, the CSU paper also calls for the abolition of dual citizenship and a ban on the burqa, the enveloping outer garment worn by some Muslim women, and the niqab, a facial veil which reveals only the eyes.
The more Israel is bashed, however legitimately so, it will behave like the man in an overcoat fought over by the sun and the wind, which argued over who could force the man to remove his outer garment first.
The debut line by the Italian luxury fashion house features headscarves and the loose, full-length outer garment favoured by some Muslim women.
Their outer garment was a long cloak with buckle or lace fastening.
The face mask called burqa, the head scarf called Sheila, Sarwal worn as underpants, inner garment named Kandoora or a waste dress Gawan, outer garment called Thwab and abhaya that is worn as the outer cloak.
Develop and adhere to practices to control the access to each school building, including requiring that all visitors report to the front office of the building, provide valid identification, and state the purpose of the visit; and provide a visitor's badge to be visibly displayed on a visitor's outer garment.
According to local administration officials the bomber, who wore an enveloping outer garment or EoACAyburqa' used by women, detonated the explosives just as Ahmad's vehicle in a convoy had passed on its way to the venue of the party's public meeting.
The Thingo, designed to be an under and outer garment, has panels made of a type of nylon and Lycra-like material to squeeze in flabby arms and bellies.
First, those big, curvaceous, 30-round magazines are just a bit much for a pistol you might want to conceal under an outer garment.
The Air Force Office of Manpower, Personnel and Services, or AF /A1, at the Pentagon has issued guidance regarding wear of the authorized sage-green fleece outer garment.
Men are clothed in two white unsown sheets " a waist wrapper and an outer garment covering the upper body.
No monstrous figure can remain without shape for long, however, for there is a need to give it a form, to cloak it, cover it over, as all thinking of form has to do with wearing or donning an outer garment or veiling a naked core.