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An outer ear infection, also called external otitis (o-TI-tus) or otitis externa, is most often caused by a bacterial infection that invades the layer of skin lining the ear canal.
Within just one tenth of a second, these bats are able to change their outer ear shapes from one extreme configuration to another," said Rolf Muller, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech.
Using a combination of methods that included high-speed stereovision and high-resolution tomography, the researchers from Virginia Tech and Shandong University reconstructed the three-dimensional geometries of the outer ears from live horseshoe bats as they deformed in these short time intervals.
The outer ear is nothing more than skin-covered cartilage, a springy tissue.
Natus' ALGO systems use exclusive AABRR technology that screens the newborn's entire hearing pathway - from the outer ear to the brainstem.
Each earbud headset uses Logitech's patent-pending FlexLoop(TM) design -- ambidextrous soft rubber stabilizers that fit comfortably within the outer ear -- to hold the earpiece in place.
3%, marketed and distributed by Daiichi Pharmaceutical Corporation, is the only ear drop approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in certain conditions where the middle ear is exposed, as in cases of middle ear infections with continuous drainage, infected ear (tympanostomy) tubes and outer ear infections when the status of the eardrum is in doubt.
Natus' ALGO hearing screeners test a baby's entire hearing pathway from the outer ear to and including the brainstem.
Conductive hearing loss refers to disorders that interfere with sounds being conducted through the outer ear or the middle ear (for example, wax blocking the ear canal, fluid in the middle ear space, or a hole in the eardrum).
The ALGO Newborn Hearing Screening systems use exclusive AABR(R) technology that screens the newborn's entire hearing pathway -- from the outer ear to the brainstem.
Swimmer's ear is an actual infection of the outer ear canal and occurs when the ear's normal protective mechanisms are broken down by water accumulation in the outer ear canal.
JABRA recently introduced several new styles of hands-free devices, all of which feature the company's patented EarGel(R), a soft polymer ear mold that custom fits the product in the outer ear and can be worn for hours.
The ALGO screener's proprietary Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR(TM)) technology screens the newborn's entire hearing pathway -- from the outer ear to the brainstem.
The EarLens CHD consists of two parts: a tympanic membrane transducer (TMT), which is non-surgically placed deeply into the ear canal on the eardrum, and a behind-the-ear (BTE) audio processor that sits on the outer ear and is connected to an ear tip that is placed in the ear canal.
The outer ear canal has specialised glands that produce cerumen, commonly known as earwax, which can become a source of discomfort to many people forcing them to use cotton swabs to get rid of it.