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Synonyms for outdoor



Synonyms for outdoor

located, suited for, or taking place in the open air

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Banning billboards and scaffolding signage will cause a significant financial loss for many different sectors of the economy--property owners, local businesses, union labor, advertising agencies and advertisers," says Ari Noe, president and CEO of OTR Media Group, a New York-based outdoor advertising company specializing in wallscapes and bulletins.
SWEET SANCTUARY: The concept of the outdoor room has expanded from living to lounging.
Karen Warren, a well-known experiential education professor from Hampshire College, wrote her doctoral dissertation on "Unpacking the Knapsack of Outdoor Experiential Education: Race, Gender and Class Sensitive Outdoor Leadership" (Warren 1999) in which she combines the concepts of social justice and leadership theories.
We will discuss these issues and propose efficient strategies to overcome the main problems and to facilitate optimal use of the substantial research money dedicated to investigate the health effects of particulate pollution (as one of the key surrogates of overall outdoor air pollution).
The famous unpredictability of Maine's weather is implicit in the "what to bring" list sent out to all Outdoor Discovery School students before they leave home: quick-dry shorts; sunglasses with strap (L.
One historical musical is Texas, written by the founder of the outdoor theater genre and Pulitzer Prize-winner, Paul Green.
All of these companies are looking for the formula to improve their competitiveness, and they're hoping outdoor training is part of it.
The results of this study also indicate that the outdoor adventure education course participants could not be differentiated from the control group on the external dimension of the locus of control scale as measured by the powerful others or chance subscales at post-testing or at the two-month follow-up.
The China Outdoor Advertising Industry develops rapidly and competes fiercely; product category's are rich and new technology & new materials are widely used.
The American Camping Association originally developed the Campcrafter program--an organized program to teach outdoor skills--known today as the Outdoor Living Skills program.
The production of high-tech, synthetic sports gear pumps dioxin and other harmful pollutants into the air, but isn't the only harmful outdoor apparel.
During this 30-year period of time, Woolworth continued to pay rent on the basis of the "percentage of gross" aspect of the rent formula for that portion of sales related to the outdoor space.
Fostering outdoor activity and enjoyment is one of the defining missions of the outdoor industry, and with more people recreating closer to home and a continuing need to get America's youth more engaged in outdoor activities, Outdoor Industry Association has created a program to recognize and champion efforts to rouse additional participation in outdoor activities.
Aquatic equipment/supplies, athletic/recreational equipment, outdoor recreation products, watercraft
However, outdoor advertising segment is expected to register a strong growth in the coming years.