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Synonyms for outdistance

Synonyms for outdistance

go far ahead of

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It outdistances copper cables by allowing link lengths up to 1000m.
The capacity of the wheel far outdistances anything currently available.
Today Telefilm's investment in television outdistances what it spends on feature films, supporting such popular programs as Due South, Traders, Black Harbour and many others.
A Night on the Ground,'' a loving look at the High Sierra, easily outdistances its competition.
The key long-term driver of SOA adoption -- cost reduction -- outdistances all others by a two-to-one margin.
The capacity of the wheel far outdistances the currently available competitors' units.
Jessica Barrera is a revelation as Angela, full of poise, awkwardness, fear and strength; her performance outdistances those around her, and elevates the solid, somewhat conventional narrative to startling heights.
Other fiber optic advantages include immunity to EMI/RFI, no ground loops, outdistances copper, and intrinsically safe.
The flexibility, ease-of-implementation and simplicity-of-use of Rhythmyx Content Manager outdistances the overly-expensive, proprietary content management product suites of other vendors.