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Synonyms for out-tray

a wood or metal receptacle placed on your desk to hold your outgoing material


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Does he know his name is lying in the out-tray as he raps on the manager's door one final time?
One told of the occasions she had to lie to her boss's wife while he entertained his mistress at lunch, and another recalled how a manager used to deposit used tissues in his out-tray for her collection.
Calderwood, a man with a lion's heart, was chucked into the Spurs out-tray and seemed to be going nowhere fast.
Joining him in the out-tray were Paolo Di Canio, Lee Bowyer, Nigel Winterburn, Scott Minto, John Moncur and goalkeeper Raimond van der Gouw, plus fringe players Clive Delaney and Ezzie Iriekpen.
It's alleged the messenger was an internal postman whose job was to empty the mail out-tray of the Secretary of State John Reid and fill the in- tray of his junior ministers.
It is a tribute to the manager's ambition that it took him only three weeks to consign the Treble to the out-tray after their stunning European Cup triumph in Barcelona.
Darren Anderton is omitted, while Spurs colleague Chris Armstrong, called up as an emergency striker for the Poland game, is also consigned to the out-tray.
Ginola's spectacular solo goal in the FA Cup quarter-final at Barnsley added credence to his supporters, but failure to deliver in either the Worthington Cup final or the FA Cup semi-final has consigned him to the out-tray.