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where the air is unconfined

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Almost all the portraits depict children full-length and out-of-doors, illustrating parallels between raising children by the new method and taming nature, as one might in an English garden.
Everything you could possibly need for a range of fresh-air activities could be found at this gathering - a sporting event for the entire family in the real out-of-doors, delightfully situated in 60 beautiful acres of woods and water.
It became impossible for him to set foot out-of-doors in New York for lunch or shopping.
Some people decide the goal is to get to the top of the mountain, or whatever," Henderson said, "and the goal really should just be get out there and enjoy the out-of-doors.
It's the memories of the hunts; the savvy gleaned; the deep-rooted values that a life spent out-of-doors has brought me, that means much more to me than the pile of antlers that are collecting dust in my attic.
I've always loved the beauty of nature and the out-of-doors, but I can't stay away from dance.
Summer is just around the corner and our focus is on gardening and out-of-doors activities such as golf or cycling.
Bursting with colorful photos and loads of exciting activities, author Joe Rhatigan offers 80 ways to have an adventure in the out-of-doors.
Using AMERICAN FORESTS' GIS software, CITYgreen, students are taking classroom lessons on the financial value of trees for air and water quality out-of-doors with community service projects that plant and grow new tree canopies on their school campuses and in their communities.
The warmer sunnier summers of recent years have persuaded many gardeners to invest in more garden furniture so as to be able to enjoy pleasant out-of-doors occasions.
A DB resistor to suppress the DC bus voltage was unacceptable to the customer, because the machine is often installed out-of-doors and in environments where it is exposed to explosive grain dust.
That's a reasonable approach for studying ozone and other pollutants that form out-of-doors or that come almost exclusively from identifiable industrial sources.
Imagine if you had been alone in the woods at the time--alone with your own conscience, the rustle of leaves, the play of shadows--in the not quiet silence of the out-of-doors.
Hundreds of works by the famous contemporary artist Jean Dubuffet stand out-of-doors, including his Four Trees on Chase Manhattan Plaza and his Ghost Monument in central Houston, Texas.
NFU Board for Horticulture member Peter Wensak said: "While no one would argue that farm work isn't back-breaking at times, most people also agree that working out-of-doors is the best way to work up a healthy appetite and guarantee a good night's sleep.