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located, suited for, or taking place in the open air

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It was a movement that would demand we network with those who may not have been a part of the ACA camp community in the past (camps, campers, families, and other out-of-door programs).
Parents who couldn't afford the Out-of-Door School sent their kids to Bay Haven Elementary, Southside Elementary, or Framalopa High School.
Public buildings and out-of-door actions in Charleston?
For over nineteen years Retumba (originally named "Retumba Con Pie" meaning resounding with feet or resounding with dance) has been exciting audiences with their warmth, powerful and visual performances when they grace the stages of the Lincoln's Center Out-of-Door Festival, Avery Fisher Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Clearwater Music Revival and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center State Theater, as well as the Village Gate, S.
By 1856 baseball was already considered a national pastime, as evidenced by the following passage from the sporting paper Spirit of the Times: "With the fall of the leaf and the diminution of the daylight, many of the out-of-door sports and pastimes come to a close for the season.
After I leave the studio, I like to be out-of-door gardening, playing tennis with the children in summer, or going for walks in winter.
SIG's approach to learning reflects many of the core values we hold at Out-Of-Door Academy," said David Mahler, head of school.
The third annual Golf Classic and Poker Night benefits the Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund, which grants tuition for secondary education to Out-of-Door Academy for qualifying students.
81] Albert Pell admitted that the policy of denying outdoor relief to women destroyed some sweated trades which depended on their labor subsidized by outdoor relief, but declared that now they do "sackmaking, harder out-of-door work," but allegedly healthier.
He also serves on the Board of Trustees of Rollins College, Ringling School of Art and Design, the Sarasota YMCA, and the Out-of-Door Academy.
The most prestigious private school is the Out-of-Door Academy.
so suitable as a morning costume for the out-of-door life so many women lead.
Out-of-Door Academy celebrated 85 years of providing top-quality private education--and 30 years of exciting Extravaganza fund raisers--with this party at its Lakewood Ranch campus.
It's a five-minute walk to the private Out-of-Door Academy, and a five-minute drive to 1-75.