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a dungeon with the only entrance or exit being a trap door in the ceiling

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Or perhaps now that Labour has 79 out of 90 Councillors with more gains likely in 2015, will all 11 members of the other parties end up in this symbolic oubliette, out of sight and out of mind?
compact, blue, dancing, Lit-from-beneath oubliette.
93: "the contested trial, for example, may come to be displaced by alternative modes of processing; while still celebrated as an ideal, it can actually be relegated to an oubliette in the fortress of justice".
His brother, Adam, and his friend, Fertility, try to help him out of this commercial oubliette, but only by hijacking a plane with suicidal intent can Tender escape an unjust warrant for his arrest and superstar status.
And the dungeon in the castle is called an oubliette.
It has a crypt and an oubliette - a set of cellars where enemies of its previous owners would have been dumped and left to die and rot in full view of passers by.
Jean, having lived in the Oubliette long ago in a different body and persona of which he has only faint memories, is trying to discover the secrets of his past.
Otra palabra para calabozo en frances es oubliette, un lugar en el que se olvidan cosas y que resuena con el nombre de L'Oubliee [La Olvidada], el alter ego de la protagonista escondida en la boveda).
It's called an oubliette and is situated underground at Warwick Castle and entered only by a trapdoor.
The former chapel is effectively home to the Oubliette Group, which has plans to convert it into an art gallery and performance venue.
President Barack Obama but they drove the Mideast peace process back into the oubliette.
Robin Hood is believed to have been held captive in an oubliette (underground dungeon) located at what is now the Galleries of Justice.
What Kagan has discovered has confirmed a folk psychology previously suspected in our understanding of human nature; moreover, it provides us with the means to better understand some of the characters in Lawrence's Sons and Lovers, which might help to rescue the novel from the oubliette where feminist criticism and the Freudian Oedipal complex have cast it.
Winnipeg IS AN Oubliette," says Guy Maddin in his mythical memoir "My (Other) Winnipeg" in Border Crossings magazine.
With their lives at stake, caught in a liminal state, writers counter the oubliette of the blank page with the black ink of witness and imagination--the power of the liberated pen.