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One of the three patients who presented this symptom was a production operator with occupational exposure to acetone, paints, and turpentine, and during the clinical consultation, was diagnosed with toxic encephalopathy and ototoxic hearing loss. These dysfunctions may impair voice and speech mechanisms [20,21].
The audiologist is involved in identifying an ototoxic hearing loss, informing the oncologist of such a development, counselling the patient and their family, and prescribing amplification devices, such as hearing aids and cochlear implants [70].
Hearing loss is a common feature of many inner ear conditions, including presbycusis, sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL), genetic diseases, noise-induced hearing loss, ototoxic hearing loss, and autoimmune inner ear disease.
While ototoxic hearing loss has been described in HIV infected people after beginning NRTIs, there have been extremely limited prospective studies with one published example of a prospective study by Schouten et al, (2006).
It is also highly sensitive for detecting threshold changes at high frequencies, making it reasonably well suited to detect presbycusis, and ototoxic hearing loss caused by HIV and tuberculosis medications.
The Chang ototoxicity grading scale is a modification of the original Brock criteria for ototoxic hearing loss. [7] Importantly, these criteria specify the severity of hearing loss and can be used reliably by audiologists, oncologists and clinical research personnel to standardise ototoxicity monitoring.