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medical instrument consisting of a magnifying lens and light

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ENT specialists now have video otoscopes so you can even see the area inside your ear as they examine it, like experts carrying out an expedition inside a dark cave with their head lamps.
Video otoscope make it possible to provide safe and reliable treatment of ear canal lesions because of real time imaging (Usui et al.
Specsavers chief audiologist Nick Taylor says: "The video otoscope is a diagnostic tool to assess the health of a person's ear.
CellScope's iPhone-enabled otoscope and software designed for clinicians, the Oto Pro, is priced at $299.
In a prospective study involving 63 children who presented to an emergency department between May and December 2012 with upper respiratory tract symptoms, the technology was as effective as a conventional otoscope, and was widely accepted by parents, Dr.
It is suitable for multiroom practices, as one otoscope handle can be shared between several rooms.
The three screening groups consisted of a physiologic hearing test using a tone-emitting otoscope (AudioScope, Welch Allyn; Skaneateles Falls, New York); a validated, self-administered hearing handicap questionnaire; and both screening tools used together.
The key components of the AET telemedicine system include a 32" television monitor, otoscope and three magnification scopes for throat, skin, eyes and ears.
The technique for using an otoscope is to grasp the auricle or (bottom outward edge of the ear) and gently pull it slightly back and up.
Then I got the idea of using my wife's otoscope, which is one of those things a doctor uses to look in your ear.
clearer, sharper view in a convenient package similar to a conventional otoscope.
The wall units are connected to the mains power supply and illumination of the ophthalmoscope or otoscope is automatic as soon as the instrument is removed from its cradle.
Proceeds to Cadwgan Surgery otoscope diagnostic equipment appeal
The use of a special type of otoscope called a pneumatic otoscope allows the physician to blow a puff of air onto the eardrum to test eardrum movement.