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the branch of medicine concerned with the ear

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At the same time, the Japan Otological Society (JOS) had been working independently on the "Classification and Staging of Cholesteatoma.
Data was collected regarding presenting frequency of the disease response to different treatment regimens common symptoms history of prior otological procedures treatment outcomes and follow up duration.
Measures that may reduce the burden of otitis media include routine otological screening of schoolchildren and increased referral of children with recurrent ear disease for specialist opinion.
Out of 50 subjects who came, 40 were included in the study, 5 participants were excluded from the study on account of having asymmetrical hearing loss, otological disorders, impacted wax in external ear and aural discharge.
Patients and Methods: Data of all patients of otological trauma was recorded.
He is currently studying the impact of demographic factors in the Northern Cape Province on healthcare delivery in the fields of head and neck cancers and otological surgery.
The products in the new line undergo rigorous scientific testing, and they have been proved in a Level 1 clinical study--which was peer-reviewed and published in The Laryngoscope, the professional journal of The American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society--to be more effective than other saline solutions.
Cost-effective analysis of conventional and nurse-led clinics for common otological procedures.
Hearing and vocal problems go hand-in-hand among older adults more frequently than previously thought and hugely affect their communication skills and overall well-being, according to a study presented at the American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society Annual Meeting in May.
Otological examination was unhelpful due to severe external auditory canal stenosis.
This has received very little attention in the area of cleft care although research shows that hearing impairment affects language development The present study was carried not to find out the type and pattern of audiogram in cases attending a speech camp, average degree of hearing loss and its relation to the side of cleft, and the acoustic immittance findings and its relation to the otological evaluation.
The Laryngoscope is the official publication of the American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society Inc.
NEW ORLEANS -- Pediatricians should be more alert to identifying and treating the otological complications of Turner's syndrome, because women with Turner's report that hearing problems have a much greater impact on their quality of life than does short stature, Jean-Claude Card, M.
The new, 102,000 sq ft-facility ships orthopaedic and otological implants, and surgical instruments to health care industry customers worldwide.
Summary Owing to the severity of its corrosive effects, an alkaline hearing-aid battery in the external auditory meatus is an otological emergency.