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an abnormal condition in which cerebrospinal fluid collects in the ventricles of the brain

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One patient with cavernous sinus thrombosis and otitic hydrocephalus experienced a persistent right visual-field deficit.
Various complications can occur, these are meningitis, brain abscess, extradural abscess, subdural abscess, lateral sinus thrombophlebitis and otitic hydrocephalus (4).
including lifelong otorrhea, profuse watery discharge, glucose and protein in ear fluid, drowsiness, headache, fever, disorientation, seizures, Kernig's sign, papilledema, meningitis, abscesses (mastoid, cerebellar, and Bezold's), sigmoid sinus thrombosis, otitic hydrocephalus, cholesteatoma, and fistulas (via the sinus plate, dura, round and oval windows, and horizontal and superior semicircular canals).
In 1931, Symonds suggested the term otitic hydrocephalus to describe a syndrome that featured an increase in intracranial pressure (manifested by headache, vomiting, and papilledema) without abscess formation in association with otitis media.
Left untreated, the potential complications of otitis media include otalgia, hearing loss, otorrhea, balance and coordination disturbance, acute coalescent mastoiditis, chronic mastoiditis, tympanic membrane perforation, cholesteatoma, ossicular erosion, facial nerve paralysis, meningitis, labyrinthitis, focal otitic encephalitis, lateral sinus thrombophlebitis, otitic hydrocephalus, periauricular subperiosteal abscess, Bezold's abscess, and epidural, subdural, and brain abscess.