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  • adj

Synonyms for otiose

lacking value, use, or substance

Synonyms for otiose

serving no useful purpose

producing no result or effect

disinclined to work or exertion

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The next section takes up the second problem under consideration: the possibility that the decision procedure itself may be otiose or even altogether vacuous.
If this can be confirmed formally by the UN, a treaty saying so is otiose, and the talks can move on to other matters and hopefully to fruition.
It would be otiose to cite other book-length studies of the period as a whole or even texts from within the period, like the many studies of Perpetua and Felicity or the scholarship on Polycarp.
It is also otiose. An abundance of pieces in the scholarly literature have painstakingly dissected and found wanting Cohen's analogy.
If the unconditional nature of loyalty seems to run counter to the notion of a virtue, which involves a capacity to explain the grounds of one's behavior, the quality of personal attachment would seem to render loyalty otiose, serving no function in addition to what friendship itself demands.
Doubtless there was liberal foot shuffling and nervous laughter while they hovered over the fragrant steam billowing from their mugs, since Jocelyn, fed up with her husband's puerile antics and otiose ways, and self-conscious of her grubby living room and old housedress, somewhat fancied the sheriff as well.
The objection I defend shows that authorial intentions are surplus or otiose. In the second section of the essay, I state one moderate version of an alternate view about interpretation known as hypothetical intentionalism, which has been advanced in different versions for almost forty years now by writers as varied as Michael Baxandall, Wayne Booth, Gregory Currie, Jerrold Levinson, Alexander Nehamas, and William Tolhurst, amongst others.
Just as utilitarianism's cost-benefit calculations are otiose when explaining how mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters relate to each other in families, so too, Fisher argues, for societies as a whole.
grants of power may render other grants of power otiose. In Work Choices
Early on, revision is clearly defined, eschewing figurative connotations for plainer and more practical terms: "a study of laborious, belated, even otiose changes, made without reference to the linguistic 'felicity' or basic communicability of the original version" (15).
(37) Hayne J considered that if the executive was given almost unlimited power in relation to Commonwealth expenditure through a broad reading of the executive power in s 61 and the incidental legislative power in s 51(xxxix), then s 96 would be 'superfluous.' (38) Keifel J echoed this concern, referring to Heydon J's comment in Pape v Federal Commissioner of Taxation (39) that s 96 would become 'otiose' if the executive's power to spend was unbounded.
So, in the absence of an argument for relativism, Chapter 2 looks otiose to me.
He noted that it would be "otiose" to repeat his father's recollections (14), but he nevertheless drew on One Man's Road.
On the one hand, the most otiose of such risks, the inability of the U.S.