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a small anatomically normal sac or bladderlike structure (especially one containing fluid)

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Our examination of GFP expression in control 4-day-old TG fish larvae showed weak basal GFP expression in the otic vesicle, with a 57% frequency, and in the heart, with a lower frequency (40%).
In embryos exposed to BPA, we observed strong GFP expression in the heart, cranial muscle, and otic vesicle and retinal ganglions with long neurites (Figure 2Di, Dii).
In contrast, GFP expression in the brain and nervous system appeared later in development; GFP was seen in the otic vesicle only after 48 hpf, and in the eye and forebrain after 72 hpf (Figure 3I).
For example, liver, heart, and muscle tissue began to glow 24 hours postfertilization and reached maximum strength at 96 hours, whereas a significant increase in fluorescence was seen in the otic vesicles 48 hours postfertilization, and in the eyes and forebrain after 72 hours.
who heads a nine person basic research team at the Eaton-Peabody Laboratory, showed me convincing evidence, using monoclonal antibody markers, that his group had deliberately generated hair cells from stem-cell-derived inner ear progenitor cells in tissue culture and in vivo, by placing mouse tuner ear stem cells in the otic vesicles of stage 16 to 17 chick embryos (figure).