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of or relating to near the ear


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We are extremely pleased to have Greg join the company," said Erez Chimovits, managing director at OrbiMed and chairman of the board of directors for Otic Pharma.
Individuals with otic pneumocystosis may have nonspecific symptoms of otorrhoea, otalgia, hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus.
025% Otic Solution is a new combination intended to reach the middle ear, and indicated for the treatment of Acute Otitis Media in children with tympanostomy tubes.
The goal of the zebrafish research is to understand at the molecular level, how and why otic placode cells decide to become neuronal, non-sensory or sensory cells.
Also contributing to this trend were strong sales of Hydrocortisone with Acetic Acid otic solution.
Advanced Formula ZYMOX Otic PLUS combines the proven antimicrobial properties of the company's patented three-component enzyme system, PLUS the power of four additional enzymes formulated to dissolve stubborn biofilm.
The purpose of this investigation was to use distortion-product otoacoustic emission (DPOAE) testing to address the issue of possible ototoxicity from the use of neomycin/ polymyxin B/hydrocortisone otic suspension following tympanostomy tube placement.
today announced the expansion of its professional-strength animal healthcare line with the launch of Vetericyn VF Ophthalmic Wash and Vetericyn VF Otic Rinse.
NASDAQ: HITK) announced today that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted final approval to the Company's Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) for Ofloxacin otic solution, 0.
Intellectual Property Office has granted patent number GB2459910, titled, "Controlled Release Corticosteroid Compositions and Methods for the Treatment of Otic Disorders.
The concentration of the antibiotic in the middle ear or mastoid with otic preparations in AOMT is a more complex issue.
and Canada and with respect to its other product candidates, including AzaSite Plus; Inspire's ability to successfully market AzaSite in the United States and Canada; the clinical results of InSite's product candidates; InSite Vision's ability to expand its technology platform to include additional indications; InSite Vision's ability to maintain and develop additional collaborations and commercial agreements with corporate partners, including those with respect to AzaSite, AzaSite Plus, AzaSite Xtra and AzaSite Otic; and its ability to adequately protect its intellectual property and to be free to operate with regard to the intellectual property of others; and determinations by the FDA, including those with respect to AzaSite Plus and AzaSite Otic.
The lack of human otic cell models represents a significant roadblock that has hampered the development of drug-based or cell-based therapies for the treatment of hearing loss.
Clinical Trial is First for a Sustained Release Otic Injection