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concern with things of the spirit

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The vision of otherworldliness is not irrelevant for parents, business owners, teachers, engineers, politicians, or soldiers, but they understand it from a distance, as it were, and for them it has a much different practical import.
Building on this definition and through comparison of selected rasas in Hindu and Christian traditions, Roberts challenges the otherworldliness that often haunts theological discourses on emotions.
These nebulous settings emphasize the otherworldliness of the figures, who appear almost as hallucinatory visions.
The scut work of newspaper reporters, especially those on the first rungs of their careers, is usually not portrayed in fiction any better than the real work of private detectives, but de Mariaffi is pitch perfect at capturing the attitudes, the process, the smell of the stale coffee, and the otherworldliness of late hours in the newspaper's morgue.
Sheldrake, director of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Spirituality at the Oblate School of Theology, begins by reinterpreting parts of that tradition that are antithetical to the city, those that are understood to promote an otherworldliness and a retreat from matters of the commonweal.
Forecasting reflected the new Protestant worldliness rather than the otherworldliness of the Holy Roman Empire.
There were religious Zionists too, pioneers in khaki shorts with tiny knitted skullcaps, but Zionism scorned what it saw as the passivity and otherworldliness of ghetto Judaism, as it also spurned the assimilation and material values of America's Jews.
Apart from the terrible ethical consequences that follow from this style of otherworldliness, we should observe that the deeply implausible Koranic paradise is no more deeply implausible than the Biblical heaven.
Robert Allison is right: The desert is a fertile ground for novelists: "Not only in the otherworldliness of the landscape but also for its capacity to act as an existential sounding board for characters; such vast expanses of emptiness naturally encouraging introspection and reflection.
Among the topics are about liturgy and its logic, spirituality and self-deception, an Advent sermon on the Gospel according to Luke 1:26-38, on receiving mercy, and the transforming power of otherworldliness.
The Sweet's children, Heracles and Persephone, sport names from Greek mythology, lending an air of antiquity and otherworldliness to this modern story of American discontent.
My accusation (the wrong word) is rather that he is a polemicist and poet, a maker of persuasive fictions, and that his otherworldliness stands among the many spectacular and indeed persuasive fictions of his own making" (11).
Lang employs the quotation from Miller's essay "Appalachian Literature at Home in this World" to explore the oppositional impulse of much Appalachian poetry to "the excessive otherworldliness and the harsh judgmentalism of much mountain religion"(l).
Ron said: "He was a great freedom fighter but there were other aspects to his character - an otherworldliness which may have been as much an inspiration for his actions as his more practical desire to defeat King Edward I.