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the quality of being not alike

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This study will argue in favor of expanding this horizon to include civic competence, with a special focus on raising awareness of the different forms of otherness that might be present in the classroom.
Yet those themes that this reworking choses to focus on loneliness, otherness, belonging emerge undisturbed.
4) But the comparison with Levinas is broad, rather brief, and is mostly concerned with how Lawrence's view of otherness is not as severe or dogmatic as Levinas's characterization of a non-reciprocal, assymetrical ethical relation.
If the phenomenon of the epic asserts the strengthening of individual identity in a collective arrangement, the monumentalization of the hero by the agreement of the community that invests him with fame, recognizing him as representative and the theatrical experience, occurs on the land of collective solidarity crisis, of the deconsolidation of identity under the specter of a difficult to manage otherness, felt as threatening and invasive.
The inexhaustible ability of creation lies in the otherness of Being, by being an indeterminate creation of a positivity, immersing within the magmatic background of an indigenous multiplicity.
The point is not to disallow human connection or the role literature can play in helping us to imagine it; as Palumbo-Liu writes, "ethically and politically we can imagine--indeed, we must imagine--that the lessening of otherness can be and is often not only desirable but also necessary .
The topics include authority figures, places of learning, and society as the Other in creationist children's bibles; veggies, women, and other strangers in children's bible DVDs; depiction of the Devil and the education of Chinese children; Samson's suicide and the death of three thousand others in children's bible stories through two centuries; and the Otherness of children's bibles in historical perspective.
Director Bryan Singer uses Magneto's origin to frame a McCarthy-esque senator's attempts to round up mutants, turning a Red Scare plot into a universal meditation on otherness.
Laplanche insists on the fundamental otherness of the messages received by the infant: otherness in the sense that they are fundamentally misunderstood, coming as they come from an unassimilated adult world, and otherness because of their lack of transparency to the adults, the senders, as unconscious elements are involved in any message.
They have made otherness a basis of social connection, to such an extent that for them 'a social relation is a "disjunctive synthesis" of otherness and intimacy' (p.
In our ordinary understanding we look at the world as something other than thought, not as the otherness of thought itself.
Yet the passage ends with another warning, a second injunction: do not be seduced by the otherness of the other; or, positively stated (the result of a double negation as it were), cannibalize that otherness--for the sake of understanding, that is, in order to make emphatic imaginings happen.
Known in the field of theology of religions since the 1970's, Waldenfels offers in this book a theological essay promoting interreligious diversity and the dignity of knowing others in their otherness, while at the same time insisting on our own belief and even deepening it.
Sea and Sardinia, at the extreme pole of adventure, he calls "delightful," "extratemporal" and "detached," while "The Woman Who Rode Away" raises thorny problems of otherness that are characteristic of the other extreme, that of quest narrative.
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