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the quality of being not alike

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The otherness present in Sioux Falls, as at each of our annual gatherings, is tempered by our common grounding, as Bill Leonard also reminded us, in the believers' church.
This approach may radicalize one's sense of the divine irreducibility of otherness.
The point is not to disallow human connection or the role literature can play in helping us to imagine it; as Palumbo-Liu writes, "ethically and politically we can imagine--indeed, we must imagine--that the lessening of otherness can be and is often not only desirable but also necessary .
The topics include authority figures, places of learning, and society as the Other in creationist children's bibles; veggies, women, and other strangers in children's bible DVDs; depiction of the Devil and the education of Chinese children; Samson's suicide and the death of three thousand others in children's bible stories through two centuries; and the Otherness of children's bibles in historical perspective.
It soon becomes apparent that all our contributors are wrestling with difference and otherness, be it the contrast between Christianity and capitalism, Hollywood and Bollywood, theism and atheism, forgiveness and reconciliation, or Islam and Christianity, to come full circle.
If we do so, the otherness of God we attempt to copy during our stay on earth will continue to amaze us when we step into eternity.
ly otherness allowed exalted and Examined not too close examined not
Thus, even during my attendance at predominantly Black institutions--supposed safe spaces that can act as refuges from the torrent of otherness that can pelt Blacks at majority White institutions--otherness continued to rain down upon me.
The first one is called Youth, Otherness and the Plural City: Modes of Belonging in Social life, and takes place on Tuesday, May 22.
the collection is a much-needed addition to contemporary Irish studies criticism in that it deals with issues of otherness in an existential and spiritual sense, issues that have long taken second place to the public discourse in contemporary Irish literary criticism (p.
But there is an apparently irresistible tendency to use concepts such as "heresy" to brand challenges to one's religious worldview as an intolerable form of otherness.
Nonetheless, despite being perplexed by the project's quirky otherness, they were also charmed.
Building on this definition, Long and the other contributors offer several valuable interpretive typologies for types of otherness, foodways, venues for tourism, and strategies for negotiating otherness in cultural tourism (11).
In a physical descent, however, the distinction is two-sided and the otherness is by separation.