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the quality of being not alike

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Masistes and his wife are the internal comparison/foil to Xerxes and Amestris, matched against the royal team in the rhetoric of otherness. They are represented in speech and narrative as a faithful couple devoid of lust and loyal to each other - unlike the royal team (esp.
White largely overcomes this methodological defect, however, by giving the study both a concrete historical focus, the reactions of the civilized world to the dog-descended peoples of Central Asia, and a thematic unity, the psycho-cultural problem of otherness. Even so, I must admit that from time to time my eyes began to glaze over under the relentless bombardment of complex factual detail.
He explores the room for religious otherness in contemporary eschatology by investigating how and to what extent the theological integrity of the religious Other is articulated in the eschatologies of some influential contemporary Christian theologians; comparing and correlating the analyses of Christian eschatologies with contemporary eschatologies from the Muslim and Jewish traditions; and exploring avenues for reassessing otherness in Christian eschatology.
Against what she labels the otherness postmodernism "manifested largely in Asian American studies" in 1990s readings of Dictee, Kim recalls that "we live in a world of multiple contending 'hegemonic' discourses, so while oppositional texts may seem to formally disrupt hegemonic discourses," critics should remember that critiques of hegemony originate from "reactionaries, fundamentalists, and neoconservatives" as well as progressives.
Keywords: Radical and moderate enlightenment; individualism; otherness; Rhetorical Turn
And it is the centrality of this otherness--the alterity of poetry as well as the alterity of the unwritten and unsaid, that otherness which silence and white space represent--in du Bouchet's work that testifies to the merit of the book of essays, most of which are informative and of very high quality, that Philippe Met has collected under the title Andre du Bouchet et ses Autres.
Women who have met this otherness in women may find it in men too, discovering them in turn not as opposite but as other: not with the wariness of mutual exploitation but with curiosity and delight and a fearless kindness.
Religions diversity, therefore, can open multiple doorways for encountering and exploring otherness. There are, however, a set of challenges inherent to teaching general education survey courses in world religion.
My work as an artist investigates female subjectivity and the body, exploring ways visually to represent the notion of 'otherness', using video/performance and installation.
He considers Dracula in films and television series from Nosferatu from 1922 to The Strain (2014-2017), showing how anxieties around the declining British Empire in the 19th century parallel those of the troubled American Empire in the early 21st century and their constructions of otherness. He considers aspects of Dracula's otherness seen in Bram Stoker's novel, particularly how Dracula is portrayed as a monster from the past and a carrier of traumatic or repressed memories, his foreignness, his association with money and consumerism, his violence, and his association with technology in later adaptations, to show how characters in the novel and subsequent film adaptations are affected by this otherness and how the vampire's difference has changed.
This collection paints a picture of Smallville as a post-9/11 representation of an adolescent Clark Kent who struggles with Otherness and belonging, with a supporting cast of characters who help round out the backstories of other members of the Superman Universe.
This gap has further widened based on the willful construction of a nationalist identity and narrative that is directly premised on the politics of 'otherness' both within and across the borders dividing India and Pakistan.
It made me think of Johnson's insight that "encounters with the otherness of their wildness can evocatively mediate 'the qualitatively different otherness of God.'"
Through fusing memories of my childhood with fictional responses, I am able to depict provocative yet playful self-portraits and narratives that illustrate my feelings of discomfort, otherness and invisibility.