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a person who refuses to face reality or recognize the truth (a reference to the popular notion that the ostrich hides from danger by burying its head in the sand)

fast-running African flightless bird with two-toed feet

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On the fine plains of turf we saw many ostriches (Struthio rhea).
The bolas, or balls, are of two kinds: the simplest, which is chiefly used for catching ostriches, consists of two round stones, covered with leather, and united by a thin plaited thong, about eight feet long.
The occasional habit of birds laying their eggs in other birds' nests, either of the same or of a distinct species, is not very uncommon with the Gallinaceae; and this perhaps explains the origin of a singular instinct in the allied group of ostriches. For several hen ostriches, at least in the case of the American species, unite and lay first a few eggs in one nest and then in another; and these are hatched by the males.
Her large pink face was appropriately solemn, and her plum-coloured satin with pale blue side-panels, and blue ostrich plumes in a small satin bonnet, met with general approval; but before she had settled herself with a stately rustle in the pew opposite Mrs.
Round his throat he fastened the leopard-skin cloak of a commanding officer, on his brows he bound the plume of black ostrich feathers worn only by generals of high rank, and about his middle a magnificent moocha of white ox-tails.
She wore a pale-blue, pansy-sprinkled muslin dress with more ruffles than one would ever have supposed economical Janet could be guilty of, and a white leghorn hat with pink roses and three ostrich feathers on it.
These trees she stopped to look at with pleasure and surprise, for their leaves were shaped like ostrich plumes, their feather edges beautifully curled; and all the plumes were tinted in the same dainty rainbow hues that appeared in Polychrome's own pretty gauze gown.
"And what do you say to yon herd of gazelles, and those ostriches, that run with the speed of the wind?" resumed Kennedy.
"Those ostriches?" remonstrated Joe, again; "those are chickens, and the greatest kind of chickens!"
Nothing can support itself in this region of barrenness but ostriches, which devour stones, or anything they meet with; they lay a great number of eggs, part of which they break to feed their young with.
LAHORE -- Due to the apathy of the government, ostrich farming in the province has suffered.
Lynn said: "As the largest living bird, the ostrich is too heavy to fly.
Keywords: Hydropericardium syndrome, Ostrich, Experimental infection, Angara disease.
PESHAWAR -- A local businessman dealing in Ostrich skin made products business has demanded legislation for allowing Ostrich farming in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the pattern of Punjab and Sind provinces.
KARACHI -- A Karachi charity is serving up a rare treat for the city's people ahead of their fast for the holy month of Ramadan - ostrich meat.