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  • verb

Synonyms for ostracize

Synonyms for ostracize

to exclude from normal social or professional activities

to force to leave a country or place by official decree

Synonyms for ostracize

expel from a community or group

avoid speaking to or dealing with

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"I was ostracised by colleagues, friends and family too, for fighting for LGBT rights.
Jharsuguda (Odisha) [India], Aug 5 ( ANI ): Bringing in a glimmer of hope in the day and age of caste and religious divide, a Biju Janata Dal (BJD) Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Rengali performed the last rites of an old woman, who was ostracised by her community, in Amnapali village of Jharsuguda district.
The post Facebook post about a small act of kindness towards ostracised Muslim woman goes viral appeared first on The Express Tribune.
"But that's what you get when you've been ostracised, having to work with the under-21's."
She added: "I felt that I ostracised myself by my behaviour, by the past, by living with all the regrets of my mistakes, that I sort of wore a hair shirt and beat myself up most of the day thinking and regretting: why did I make such a mistake?
Sarah, who was filmed offering an undercover reporter access to the Duke of York for pounds 500,000 last year, said she did not feel ostracised by the lack of an invite.
But if divorce or separation happens, they can be quickly ostracised.
SANTA'S selfish brother, Fred, has been ostracised by his family for years, but when his crooked ways land him in jail, his brother comes along to bail him out.
Zhang had said he hoped it would mark another step toward greater awareness of homosexuals in a country where gays are frequently discriminated against and ostracised.
Once ostracised by the West for sponsoring terrorism, Gadaffi has been trying to increase Libya's presence on the global stageand its regional influence by mediating in African conflicts, sponsoring efforts to spread Islam on the continent and pushing for a single African government.
for something they did not choose - their sexual orientation." In the face of this ongoing persecution, Tutu praised LGBTI people for being "compassionate, caring, self-sacrificing and refusing to be embittered." He spoke critically of his Church, apologising for the way it has ostracised LGBTI people, and for making them feel as if God had made a mistake by creating them to be who they are.
Without treatment for obstetric fistula, the woman is left with chronic incontinence, unable to control her flow of urine or faeces, and is often ostracised by her family and community.
People being ostracised like this is something you would expect to happen a century ago.
SIR - So Sinn Fein is banned from the White House and Gerry Adams is warned by American politicians 'that he risks becoming an ostracised Yasser Arafat figure' if he does not show a greater commitment to the Ulster peace process.
The lives of saints and realised ones attest that the Almighty had knocked on the doors of even the most ostracised in society, thereby proving that social identities like learning, age, gender, class or caste do not have any meaning at the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Supreme Being.