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Synonyms for ostracise

expel from a community or group

avoid speaking to or dealing with

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It can ostracise you from normal codes of conduct in society.
But it is clear from a recent letter from a man who thought he had a perfect right to want to ostracise those who are out of work that appeared recently on the Evening Gazette What is in fact intolerable is that the unemployment of young people is so high and some from the start having left school do not get the work habit.
"I think it's really odd when people ostracise addicts when all they're trying to do is get through the next 48 hours and not feel terrible."
HARRY says: "Perhaps she should focus her efforts on persuading moderate Muslims to ostracise those who preach radicalism - radical Muslims who try and blow themselves and innocent people to smithereens." (GDN, March 10)
If British Muslims are as serious as she says they are about distancing themselves from the "nutter" element they should ostracise them from their community - surely that's the best way to get the message across that insulting our troops is an outrage that won't be tolerated by anyone.