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a small pore especially one in the reproductive bodies of certain algae and fungi through which spores pass

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melanogaster, however, were opportunistic insects, probably attracted by the volatiles released by overripe fruits, and may take advantage of free access through the ostiole and damage on the epidermis.
in immature figs were confirmed, demonstrating the ability of the pathogen to infect immature fruit inoculated with and without wound and also, through the opening of the ostioles.
boydii are classified as cleistothecia because they are round, closed and do not have ostioles (pores) for the release of ascospores.
Fruiting bodies: Stromata brick-red at maturity, eventually turning brownish-black to black with age; hemispherical, 3-7 mm across, confluent forming extensive lobed crusts; surface papillate with protruding tips of perithecia but ostiolar necks do not extend beyond the crust of the stroma; ostioles breaking exposing pore into perithecium.
8), bearing a pair of ostioles of the dorsal abdominal scent glands (Figs.