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a small pore especially one in the reproductive bodies of certain algae and fungi through which spores pass

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onto the opening of the ostiole and without wound were not statistically different, and showed mean diameter lesions with of 3.46 cm and 3.52 cm respectively (Table 1).
Sexual State: Ascomata 140 x 220-145 x 175 [micro]m ([bar.x] = 170 x 150 [micro]m, n = 10), semi-immersed, scattered on the putrid host stems and foliage, subglobose or nearly globose, brown to blackish brown, with a central sunken ostiole open via a circular lid, asci and pseudoparaphyses forming on the base of the peridium.
During the harvesting period, morphological measurements and chemical analysis carried out on samples of 20 mature fruits regarding: fruit weight (g), length (mm) and diameter (mm), shape, external color, neck length (mm), ostiole width (mm) and type, skin cracks, internal color, skin thickness (mm), flesh thickness (mm), fruit cavity, total soluble solids TSS (degBrix), pH and titrable acidity (citric acid %).
Perithecia were ovoid to spherical, reddish to reddish-brown, 380-700 x 350-650[micro]m, smooth and shining, with a slightly protruding, domed and darkened apical ostiole through which ascospore were extruded in white of buff tendrils, The perithecial wall did not show a pseudoparenchymatous structure but was composed of ah intertwining network of thickened hyphae.
A cloudy gray conidial cirrhus could be seen oozing from the ostiole after 21 days.
According Benjamin the characteristics of the perithecial wall, the evanescent asci and light-colored spores, the appendages surrounding the ostiole of the perithecium, and the manner in which the ascospores are discharged in the form of an elongate cirrus suggest a relationsship to the genus Chaetomium.
They are unique in that they have an opening called ostiole or "eye" which is not connected to the tree but helps in the development of the fruit.
In Hexapus the internal appendage is wide, sub-rectangular, larger than the external one, and provided with lamellae, as in other female agaonines that enter syconia with a spiral ostiole; while the external appendage is narrower, with short lamellae ending in lateral teeth as in Tetrapus.
So far, the 1st pair of dorsal abdominal scent glands of the Pentatomidae has been found to be simple, with a rounded ostiole, unattended by peritreme, and with incipient evaporatorium (Pollo et al.
However, Rhizopus rot symptoms were observed in the T treatment, particularly in the fruit ostiole, and there were some early signs of Endosepsis (soft rot).
Thoracic pleura and sterna: Each side of proepisterna provided anteriorly with a thick collarlike tumescent ridge delimited by deep transverse furrow, posterior margin of mesopleurite roundedly projecting posteriad just ventrad of humeri; mesopleuron without peculiarities; metapleuron with a well-developed scent gland ostiole situated slightly mediad to middle of metapleuron, associated with a long, evenly curved peritreme of various length (Fig.
Oral rim ducts also present on submedian areas of thorax, on the midline of abdomen and behind each posterior ostiole. Dorsal setae flagellate and short.
In the studied Orchidaceae, the cutin deposition forms suprastomatic chambers, which probably maintain a small compartment of humidity above stomata ostiole, reducing the transpiration.