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a small pore especially one in the reproductive bodies of certain algae and fungi through which spores pass

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There is a collection of beads made of precious stones inside a clay jar with missing ostiole.
Thoracic pleura and sterna: Each side of proepisterna provided anteriorly with a thick collarlike tumescent ridge delimited by deep transverse furrow, posterior margin of mesopleurite roundedly projecting posteriad just ventrad of humeri; mesopleuron without peculiarities; metapleuron with a well-developed scent gland ostiole situated slightly mediad to middle of metapleuron, associated with a long, evenly curved peritreme of various length (Fig.
Thoraeie pleura and sterna: Metathoracic scent gland ostiole associated with an elongate, evenly curved peritreme terminating relatively close to lateral margin of metapleuron (Fig.
The eggs are milky and contain a filament, and generally are laid in small masses by more than one female into the ostiole of figs near maturation (Raga 2002).
Fruiting bodies: Stromata brick-red at maturity, eventually turning brownish-black to black with age; hemispherical, 3-7 mm across, confluent forming extensive lobed crusts; surface papillate with protruding tips of perithecia but ostiolar necks do not extend beyond the crust of the stroma; ostioles breaking exposing pore into perithecium.