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a small pore especially one in the reproductive bodies of certain algae and fungi through which spores pass

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Perithecia dark brown to black, small, ostiolate, globose, subglobose to oval with size of 80-150 x 80-130 [micro]m.
Perithecia brown to black, ostiolate, small, subglobose or ovate, basal oval or pointed 100130 x 90-110 [micro]m, attached to substratum with black rhizoids.
Perithecia olive green to brown, ostiolate, globose to subglobose 260-360 x 260-320 [micro]m in size anchor to the substrate by rhizoids.
The genus Coniochaetidium has been described by Malloch and Cain [8], for the non- ostiolate counterparts of Coniochaeta; both genera have been classified in the family Conio chaetaceae, characterized by unitunicate asci and by 1-celled, pigmented ascospores provided with a germ slit.
The genus Thielavia is restricted to Pyrenomycetes characterized by non ostiolate ascomata and ascospores with a simple distinct germ pore although C.