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a musical phrase repeated over and over during a composition

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Encontramos capas caracterizadas pelo uso de tipografias pesadas e condensadas, como a do livro O Ultimo Dia da Pide, realizada em 1974, e capas caracterizadas pela utilizacao de tipografias de baixo peso, como a do livro Ostinato Rigore, ja referido, a do livro O texto de Joao Zorro, de 1974, ou a do livro Poemas a Guevara, publicada em 1975 pela Editorial Limiar, onde a tipografia Futura e utilizada numa versao light.
We are thrilled to have published materials recently by a number of new authors including Heather Morris (Awesome Ostinato), Linda Miller (Smart Rhythms 1-2), Christie Noble and Tracy Stener (Making Music Fun) and Lesley Clare (Can Do Music 2--a new Grade 2 music curriculum for Ontario schools).
Peter, Minnesota in 2011, this setting of a text adapted by the composer from the poetry of Bethany Ringdal uses three tunes: "'Tis the Gift to be Simple," "Turn, Turn," and "Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round." The song opens with an ostinato octave figure in the bass (D down to G) under quartal chords combined with octave melody in the treble.
Likewise, while "Hiroshige I" (2009) and "Ostinato" (2007) exert their lightness and adherent flatness, "Ogee" (2012) and "Hiroshige II (2009)," through their treatment of edges, display their optical effects.
There was the night music of Bartok in the first movement with a hint of Killmayer in the ostinato taps on the timpani, and Ligeti in the screeching strings and horns.
The piano-led tunes on Exercises are in some respects just another step on the comfortably worn pathway carved out by the likes of Michael Nyman, Harold Budd and Brian Eno, and "Exercise #3 (Buildings)" blatantly coopts the arcing ostinato melodies of Philip Glass.
1, for instance, always in the repetition after the end of a dramatic arch followed by a contrastive part with significant participation of ostinato figures, primarily placed in the bass.
The students will play a rhythmic ostinato that is heard in the orchestra at various moments in the music.
Above all, there is the remarkable Beni Mora, written in 1909, a few years after Holst's sojourn in Algeria, whose persistent ostinato against clusters and clashes of tonal color create a mesmerizing effect prefiguring the work of minimalists John Adams and Steve Reich.
The idea of the inescapable miseries of fate is hammered home time and again in his Symphony No 4, with only the Pizzicato ostinato Scherzo thrown in for light relief.
Then one day when an elephant stubs his foot on a log he adds a bass note which becomes an ostinato to the other animals' "notes." Only the frogs are silent--that is until tale's end.
The program includes "Ostinato Pianissimo" by Henry Cowell; "Tambuco" by Carlos Chavez: "Raptures of Undream" by Bruce Hamilton; and "The Black Page" by Frank Zappa.
Musical terminology is included here with concepts including form, dynamics, ostinato and ornamentation being explained.