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Pedicle subtraction osteotomy (PSO), a V-shaped wedge resection of the vertebral body, is the most popular technique in the surgical treatment of kyphosis in AS patients.
Materials and Methods: In this study, the clinical and radiological results of posterior rotational intertrochanteric osteotomy performed on 12 patients in our clinic were examined.
A comparison between the mechanical properties of flexion tests from groups of femurs without osteotomy (G1 and G2) and those with rods (G3 and G4) demonstrated that the main mechanical property to be improved was the modulus of elasticity of rods.
For this purpose, osteotomy constitutes a critical step, and various osteotomy techniques have been described for achievement of targeted aesthetic and functional results.
Nevertheless, these could be at risk during the osteotomy due to vigorous retraction of skin margins, with possible instability, dislodgment of tendons, and numbness or pain.
Triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO) is one of the most common techniques used to minimize the development of joint subluxation and hip dysplasia in young dogs.
Previous studies used different fixation techniques in the same method of osteotomy.
Measurement of displacement after osteotomy, anticipation of size and form of bone graft.
8,15-17] But all these cases had mature malunions, which presented after 6 weeks when there was solid bony consolidation, which were amenable to intra-articular osteotomy.
M2 PHARMA-September 9, 2016-US FDA Clears Additive Orthopaedics' 3D Printed Osteotomy Wedge System
Individual chapters are devoted to upper tibial osteotomy, hemiathroplasty of the hip, surgical hip dislocation, and many other related subjects.
Hip dysplasia can be managed through balanced nutrition, exercise, chondroprotective supplements and salvage surgery by performing pectineal myectomy, pelvic osteotomy, intertrochantric osteotomy, excision arthroplasty and total hip prosthesis (Raghuvir et al, 2013, Rawson et al, 2005, Vezzoni et al, 2010, Wallace, 1992).
The fusion device is our second market clearance of a Vitrium product application, joining our line of osteotomy wedges for reconstructive surgery of the mid- and hind foot in our extremities portfolio.