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Cephalaspids (= osteostracans) from the Lochkovian MOTH locality of the Northwest Territories were described by Dineley and Loeffler (1976) and Adrain and Wilson (1994), but none has an ornament that closely resembles the Eastport Formation specimens.
Thelodonts, osteostracans, acanthodians and eurypterids are often found associated together along with ostracods and eurypterids in nearshore fades in BA1 environments (e.g., Denison 1956; Turner 1999).
The first assemblage of vertebrates to be described from the Eastport Formation of Maine, USA, includes agnathan remains comprising scale fragments of osteostracans and anaspids, and scales of thelodonts.
Mostly only their head shields have been found; only one osteostracan has the head shield and squamation intact.
elegans shoal has preserved in a lens-like fish bed with rare ostracods and a few osteostracans (Tremataspis and Dartmuthia) occurring on the same bedding plane, while most of osteostracan and anaspid exoskeletons were buried under more agitated water conditions.
elegans as well as osteostracans were exported to several museums in Europe and North America.
elegans; heterostracan Archegonaspis sp.; osteostracan Osteostraci gen.
perensae Marss, Nethertonodus laadjalaensis Marss, Trimerolepis tricava (Gross), Longodus acicularis Marss; heterostracan Archegonaspis sp.; osteostracan Zenaspis?
martinssoni occurs together with the thelodont Thelodus laevis (Pander), the osteostracans Tremataspis schmidti Rohon, Tremataspis milleri Patten, Saaremaaspis mickwitzi (Rohon), Oeselaspis pustulata Patten, Witaaspis schrenkii (Pander), Thyestes verrucosus Eichwald, and the anaspids Rhyncholepis parvula Kiaer, R.
Its rare scales occur together with scales of thelodonts Thelodus marginatus Karatajfite-Talimaa, Paralogania martinssoni (Gross), Phlebolepis elegans Pander, osteostracans Tremataspis sp.
They come from grey and greenish-grey limestones with thin interlayers of clay containing also ostracodes, bivalves, and scales of thelodonts, fragments of osteostracans and anaspids.
Other vertebrates in the samples comprise Thelodus parvidens Agassiz, Thelodus sculptilis Gross, two to three different cyathaspidid heterostracans, two anaspids, two osteostracans, and acanthodians Nostolepis striata Pander, Gomphonchus sandelensis (Pander), and Poracanthodes porosus Brotzen.
elegans, as well as of osteostracans, have been exported to museums in Europe (e.g., BMNH, London) and North America (e.g., AMNH, New York), but the largest collection of P.
Bolau excavated in Himmiste between 1942 and 1944, thus later than the main material of osteostracans, an anaspid and Phlebolepis elegans were collected.