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lysis of bone caused by disease or infection or inadequate blood supply

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KEY WORDS: Winchester Syndrome; Osteoporosis; Osteolysis
In type B3 fractures, the stem is loose, and the proximal femur is deficient because of osteolysis, osteoporosis, or fracture comminution (6).
MMP-7 promotes prostate cancer-induced osteolysis via the solubilization of RANKL.
aureus group did not bridge the fracture site and was accompanied by osteolysis along the femur.
In GSD, massive and progressive osteolysis is caused by the abnormal proliferation of endothelial capillaries with vascular or lymphatic origin.
Radiography of skull revealed osteolysis of alveolar bone at premolar region.
It will be of much interest to further test whether aloin exerts anti-osteoporotic effect in vivo, for example, in animal model of osteolysis to explore its therapeutic potential.
Direct radiography revealed osteolysis involving the metaphysis and epiphysis in the distal tibia (Figure 1).
A CT scan confirmed the above observations and showed complete circumferential ankylosis with an absence of osteolysis around the TKA with a posterior joint fusion (Figures 2 and 3).
It has eight new chapters and new approaches and techniques, including extended greater trochanteric osteotomy and variations, arthroscopy for structural hip problems, double-tapered stems (ream and broach), techniques for proximal femoral deformity, and custom triflange devices; extended discussions of non-arthroplasty approaches, primary total hip arthroplasty, and revision total hip arthroplasty; and new coverage of techniques to manage infection and osteolysis in total hip arthroplasty.
The leucocyte count may show leukocytosis and radiographs may show osteolysis.
Pain during walking and pain site osteolysis occurred in majority of the cases.
Excessive metal debris in the joint space can lead to osteolysis, also known as bone loss, and may require revision surgery.
Some preclinical studies confirmed that the effect may be caused by reduced cancer burden, reduced osteolysis, or alterations in nociceptive transmission in the central nervous system.