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lysis of bone caused by disease or infection or inadequate blood supply

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The radiographs revealed osteolysis and osseous proliferation surrounding the previously described middiaphyseal fracture of the left tarsometatarsal bone, consistent with a delayed union (Fig IB).
In our study designed to establish the abovementioned factors, the most common reasons which led to repeat revision surgeries in order of frequency were aseptic loosening, infection and instability, polyethylene wear, and osteolysis and periprosthetic fractures secondary to the wear.
In Figure 2, although some images of the surrounding bone were hidden in the shadow of the Ti pin, the greatest severity of osteolysis was observed around the pin in the control group.
For the study, researchers used a repository of 24-hour urine samples collected prior to surgery and annually thereafter in 26 patients, 16 who developed osteolysis and 10 who did not.
There was no evidence of muscle destruction, tendon avulsion, osteolysis, or loosening in this series (Fig.
In rhB-MP-assisted fusions, endplate osteolysis and exuberant paravertebral soft-tissue swelling are frequent and expected changes that can be easily misinterpreted as infection (Figure 4).
Some interventional units employ a combination of a computed tomography (CT) scanner and a mobile C-arm, allowing for exact needle positioning using CT image to view the cross-sectional area of the osteolysis and adjacent soft tissues, and C-arm fluoroscopy to view needle inclination and cement extravasation (10, 21).
According to  the (https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/gorham-stout-disease/) National Organization for Rare Disorders , "Gorham-Stout disease (GSD), which is also known as vanishing bone disease, disappearing bone disease, massive osteolysis, and more than a half-dozen other terms in the medical literature, is a rare bone disorder characterized by progressive bone loss (osteolysis) and the overgrowth (proliferation) of lymphatic vessels.
(3) Osteolysis (dissolution or degeneration of bone) is generally observed in the region of loosening.
To a question, Dr Muaaz said Winchester Syndrome was a rare inherited disease, characterised by a loss of bone tissue (osteolysis), particularly in hands and feet.
Eventually identified as "periprosthetic osteolysis", this devastating disease affected over 1 million patients and was the leading cause of failure in total hip surgery.
Since osteolysis of the 6th rib bone was apparent at the center of the chest wall tumor (Figure 3(c)), it was speculated that the chest wall tumor was arising from a bone metastasis.
These findings from this study are significant in understanding the immunostimulatory effect of Ti(IV) ions on T lymphocytes and its underlying mechanism, especially in the presence of other inflammatory mediators, and hence provide new insights into the process and therapeutic strategies of inflammatory osteolysis.
Plain computed tomography (CT) showed sclerotic change at the right body of the mandible with periosteal reaction and spotted osteolysis was seen in the cortex of the mandible (Figure 2).