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the branch of anatomy that studies the bones of the vertebrate skeleton

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The osteology of Brycon meeki, a generalized characid fish, with an osteological definition of the family.
Coues E: The Osteology and Myology of Didelphys virginiana with an Appendix on the Brain by Jeffries Wyman.
The Buffalo Gap pond contained turtles all in a Stage 9 state of disarticulation (Dodd, 1995--Stage 9: carapace disarticulation complete, bony elements detached and scattered, knowledge of osteology needed for species identification).
Comparative osteology, relationships, and evolution in Jamaican frogs of the genus Eleutherodactylus.
Descriptive and comparative osteology of the oldest fossil squirrel, Protosciurus (Rodentia, Sciuridae).
com/research/2257fd/human_osteology_e) has announced the addition of Elsevier Science and Technology's new report "Human Osteology.
During routine teaching of osteology to undergraduates, a dry human sacrum bone of unknown age and sex was noticed having abnormal osseous growth on its ventral surface along with sacralisation of fifth lumbar vertebrae.
Tenders are invited for seeking a qualified pool of vendors/distributors to supply hardware, consumables and servicing for 3d imaging and printing equipment for the purpose of forensic osteology.
Volume one covers the introduction, osteology, muscles and tendons, nervous system and special senses, and skin.
Pietsch (1989) published an extensive study of the osteology and myology of the family Uranoscopidae, provided comparison with the nine other families of the suborder Trachinoidei, and a key to the seven genera of the family.
This edition has new chapters on general anatomy, general embryology, and genetics, as well as osteology.
Based on allozymes, sequences of mitochondrial DNA, morphology, and osteology, they described three species in Texas north of the Colorado River: E.
Osteology and morphology of the characiform fish Alestes stuhlmannii Pfeffer, 1896 (Alestidae) from the Rufiji River basin, east Africa.