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malignant bone tumor


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The osteogenic differentiation of the BMSCs in the osteogenic media after 21 days was positive and was confirmed by the presence of calcium deposits stained with Alizarin Red (figure 3).
To verify osteogenic differentiation of AD-MSCs after 21 days of cultivation in osteogenic medium, we performed relative quantification of gene transcripts of osterix (OSX), bone sialoprotein (BSP), and osteocalcin (OC) by real time RT-PCR using the [2.
In this process, the osteogenic differentiation marker genes (ALP, BSP, and OCN) proliferated.
Osteoma is a benign slow growing osteogenic lesion characterised by proliferation of compact or cancellous bone.
Culture of BMSCs in osteogenic media lead to osteogenic differentiation of the BMSCs based on presence of calcium deposits after three weeks of staining with Alizarin red (Fig.
The aim of our study was to investigate the effects of metformin on ASCs osteogenic differentiation potential in vitro and on bone density and mineralization in healthy mice.
Osteosarcoma, or osteogenic sarcoma, is a rare type of bone cancer, which is most common in children and young adults.
The combination of surface topographies is designed to create an optimal host-bone response and actively participate in the fusion process by promoting the up-regulation of osteogenic and angiogenic factors necessary for bone growth, encouraging natural production of bone morphogenetic proteins, and "creating the potential for a faster and more robust fusion," the company claims.
sup][6],[7] Allografts have lower osteogenic capacity and carry risks of pathogen transmission and immunological rejection, [sup][8],[9],[10] yet synthetic grafts are incapable of being remodeled.
For osteogenic differentiation, CCM was replaced with media containing osteogenic supplements: 50 [micro]M ascorbate 2-phosphate, 10 mM [beta]-glycerol phosphate, and 10 nM dexamethasone.
They address decision making, the safety and efficacy of surgery, interventional options, radiation therapy for primary bone tumors, medical oncology principles, spina osteoid osteomas and osteoblastomas, aneurysmal bone cysts and giant cell tumors, choromas, chondrosarcomas, osteogenic sarcomas and Ewing's sarcomas, margins in tumor resection, determining the right approach, spinopelvic reconstruction/fixation and fusion, structural graft selection, wound closure, and complications and their avoidance.
Their osteogenic effect was evaluated by using validated models including alkaline phosphatase (ALP) assay, mineralization assay and expression of osteogenic genes-bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2) and osteoblast transcription factor (RUNX2)--in primary calvarial cultures harvested from neonatal mice.
The malignant lesions included 7 osteogenic sarcoma, 2 chondrosarcoma, 2 lymphoma, 2 Ewing's sarcoma, 2 malignant fibrous histiocytoma and 5 secondaries.
The surface of araldite blocks was investigated using INCA-200 Energy x-ray electron probe microanalyser (OXFORDINSTRUMENTS, England) in calcium characteristic x-ray emission in order to reveal mineralized matrix and the evidences of osteogenic differentiation of the regenerate bone cells.