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treatment of a skeletal deformity by intentionally fracturing a bone

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Furthermore, osteoclasis of the anterior cortex is more suitable for correcting rigid deformities [Figure 1]d.
The advantages of V-Y tricepsplasty approach is that it allows to do a circumferential callus osteoclasis, which helps in reducing and fixing the fracture under direct visual control.
A 1994 animal study demonstrated no histologic, density, or perfusion differences between the regenerate of dogs that underwent corticotomy with osteoclasis and the regenerate of dogs that underwent osteotomy with multiple drill holes.
Tambien se encontraron osteolisis y osteoclasis en conjunto con la presencia de estructuras redondeadas esfericas de 15-40 [my] de diametro con pared gruesa doble llenas de esferulas.
The axillary nerve was protected, careful osteoclasis was done As the capsule was torn and detached along with the lesser tuberosity, mobilization of the bone fragment in a "trap-door" manner allowed easy access and visualisation of the glenohumeral joint.
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