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benign tumor containing both bone and cartilage

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In the literature, there are 2 more cases due to complications of osteochondromas.
Six patients (4 male, 2 female), with ages ranging from 2,5 to 15, presented with peroneal neuropathy due to osteochondroma at the fibular head.
Some authors suggested that FeLV may be related to the etiology of feline osteochondromas (POOL & CARRIG, 1972; DOIGE, 1987; ROSA & KIRBERGER, 2012), and viral particles have been observed in proliferated chondroblast membranes (POOL & CARRIG, 1972).
When symptomatic, the treatment of choice of osteochondromas is surgical resection.
A high level of suspicion is important in patients having a family history of bone tumors and osteochondroma visible in plain x-rays.
Cough caused by scapular osteochondroma has never been reported.
Osteochondromas commonly arise along the side of tendon insertions, with the direction of growth following the line of the tendinous pull.
Histology confirmed an osteochondroma with no malignant cells and vessel consistent with pseudoaneurysm formation.
Osteochondromas appear to be particularly common in patients who receive total-body irradiation before bone marrow transplantation at an early age; the tumors usually arise after a shorter latency period than radiation-induced sarcomas.
All patients had proximal tibiofibular screw fixation and a distal fibular, transverse suprasyndesmotic osteotomy with placement of uniplanar external fixation (mini EBI rail, Zimmer Biomet, Parsippany, NJ), with or without excision of osteochondromas.
Osteochondromas may result in symptomatic complaints that include pain due to adjacent soft tissue impingement including bursa formation, vessel and nerve impingement, and painless cosmetic deformity related to the slowly enlarging exophytic mass (pseudowing- ing scapula).
Because the MRI did not reveal granulation around the bony structures mostly observed in the case of osteochondromas or an increase in the signal intensity of the chondroid matrix, osteochondroma was not considered.
7) Two rare cases of falcine tumors have been reported, in which the lesions contained both hyaline cartilage and bone, and were so termed as osteochondromas.
The following discussion will be limited to osteochondromas.
Chondrosarcomas may arise de novo (primary), or superimposed (secondary) upon preexisting cartilaginous lesions, such as enchondromas or osteochondromas.