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inflammation of a bone as a consequence of infection or trauma or degeneration

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Her pelvic computed tomography and plain radiograph revealed osteitis pubis (Figure 1a).
Considering the radiological appearance, osteitis deformans (Paget's disease) is a possibility, yet metastatic tumors need to be ruled out.
Inhibition of 1, 25(OH) 2 D production by hypercalcemia in osteitis fibrosa cystica: influence on parathyroid hormone secretion and hungry bone disease.
Se ha documentado mediante estudio de histopatologia la prevalencia de los distintos tipos de osteodistrofia renal, de tal forma, se ha observado que en pacientes con ERC 3-5 el 32% de los pacientes presentan osteitis fibrosa, en pacientes con dialisis peritoneal el 50% de los pacientes presentan enfermedad adinamica osea y aquellos pacientes en hemodialisis el 34% presentan osteitis fibrosa y cerca del 32% presentan osteodistrofia mixta.
16 Immediate use of medicated packing reduced the incidence of Alveolar osteitis in patients with impacted third molars.
Osteitis pubis is a stress injury to the pubic symphysis and parasymphyseal bone.
Osteitis and other complications caused by generalized BCG-itis.
The principal finding of this study was the association demonstrated between the incidences of groin strains/ osteitis pubis/hip injuries with knee ACL injuries in any given playing season.
Osteitis pubis is inflammation of the joint between the two halves of the pelvis that join in the front (pubic symphysis).
MRI also shows bone marrow oedema, which in RA has been shown to represent osteitis (McQueen, 2012).
This results in a weak push-off and a crouch gait, but more importantly a trophic ulcer of the insensate heel that can lead to calcaneal osteitis and eventually destruction of the calcaneus (Fig.
The differential diagnoses of a clavicle swelling are numerous and include condensing osteitis [1], acute/chronic osteomyelitis, chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO), sclerosing osteitis [2, 3], and hyperostosis.
Con relacion a la sifilis secundaria hay multiples casos de manifestaciones cutaneas atipicas y la afectacion visceral puede ser de expresion variable como manifestaciones nefrologicas como sindrome nefrotico, gastrointestinales como hepatitis, gastroenteritis, osteomusculares como poliartritis, osteitis, pulmonares como neumonitis y derrame pleural (2, 3).
Osteitis Condensans llii (OCI) is a rare condition causing low back pain.
A week later she developed a fever, raising the concern of osteitis.