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Synonyms for osteal

composed of or containing bone


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All 3 groups of CKD had multivessel coronary artery disease with almost similar evidence of left main lesion LAD proximal lesion osteal lesion chronic total occlusion in-stent restenosis long lesion or complex lesion.
Data Collection Procedure: All patients who have history of coronary artery disease or who presented with acute coronary syndrome and were found to have either isolated LMCA disease or Osteal LAD disease along with LMCA were potentially eligible for enrollment.
An L shaped incision was made a mucoperi- osteal flap was raised bone removal was done with S.
Diagnostic coronary angiography revealed an osteal thrombotic stenosis in the left anterior descending artery (LAD) (Fig.
As the objective of this study was to determine LAD stenosis in relation to T-wave inversion, lesions of LAD recorded as proximal, mid, distal, osteal, proximal-distal, left main stenosis were accounted for as separate variables.
Diagnostics, first of all, should be referred on definition of the pathology demanding urgent operative intervention; bleedings of various localization; prelum of brain with hematoma or osteal fragments; it is necessary to consider possibilities of development of a coma owing to a shock, hemorrhages, serious hypoxia, a hypo/hyperglycemia which aggravate craniocerebral injures gravity, mask focal semiology.
Given the large amount of osteal material, an intensive evaluation was performed for only four buildings, and selectively for another part of the excavated area.