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set in a rigidly conventional pattern of behavior, habits, or beliefs

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If we had a president hopping opportunistically from issue to issue, that might disrupt our ossified landscape and tear down the old-fashioned partisan walls.
This center was ossified in all specimens on day 56 and just in one specimen on day 70 after hatching (Figure 6).
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The International Monetary Fund warned that the French economy, the eurozone's second-largest, is vulnerable to a downturn because of its shrinking share of the export market and ossified labor market and urged the government to do more, faster to stay competitive and keep its finances under control.
For the last 65 years, the Mahatma may have been ossified into an object of worship, but he matters more now than ever.
The stout tendon of insertion is ossified before passing beneath the fibrous loop near the distal end of the tibiotarsus.
If dancers go on pointe before 11 or 12, before their bones are somewhat ossified, they run the risk of growth-plate injuries," she says.
For decades he exemplified the region's ossified and impotent politics -- he frequently inveighed against Israel but took little notice of massive human rights violations by Arab autocracies.
Summary: Almost a year has passed since a revolution in Tunisia and protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square toppled ossified authoritarian regimes and ignited a much wider -- and still raging -- storm in the Arab world.
12) Also, excision may be difficult in a diffusely ossified auricle.
What does the future hold for this ossified conflict?
And they showed, for example, mice normally have 13 pairs of ribs and the exposed mice sometimes had less or their cartilage was ossified, meaning it was kind of fused.
He notes that some "progressive" Christians "dismiss Eastern Orthodoxy as 'an ossified relic of the Christian past'" (p.
Meristic counts are reported for ossified elements using cleared and stained or radiographed material.