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a mouth or mouthlike opening

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a hard brittle blue-grey or blue-black metallic element that is one of the platinum metals

the left eye

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rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates

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Verdaderamente, seria deseable que el profesor Ossa dejara un poco atras la modestia y se lanzara a un planteamiento mas vertical de las ideas, todas muy sugestivas y bien hilvanadas, desarrolladas en la unidad de los capitulos centrados sobre metodologia.
The VAPs by OSSA occur more frequently in younger patients with traumatic brain injury [1,3,17], as confirmed in our study, with 46.
A grand reopening of the de la Ossa adobe will be held from 10 a.
Elaborating, Ossa said if religious conflicts in India proved to be transitory, as seemed likely, the subcontinent might achieve a rate of increase in overall output significantly exceeding the rate of growth of population.
The OSSA plan does not set priorities for the whole of NASA, however.
Ismael Oceni Ossa, who is also the Imam of the Hassan II Mosque in Libreville, told the media they also informed the sovereign about difficulties and grievances.
To provide follow-up speech and dental care, and to determine what follow-up surgery needs to take place, a small OSSA team of medical and non-medical volunteers will arrive at the Windhoek Central Hospital on 19 August, between 8h00 and 12h00, and Oshakati State Hospital on Saturday 20 August, between 8h00 and 12h00 for their post-operative check-ups.
Ossa, Brookes won by 16 marks from George Jennings from Walsall with Keith Bailey from Alcester third.
Elite runners like Jelena Procopcuka, from Latvia, and Spaniard Juan Carlos de la Ossa, will be returning to defend their titles.
McCormick, Europe's top miler last summer, competed in only his second 10-kilometre race in Spain and was no match for the leading trio of Eliud Kipchoge, Juan Carlos de la Ossa and Rui Silva.
The ten-mile race has attracted former Olympic and world champion Gezahegne Abera, of Ethiopia, and Spain's Juan Carlos de la Ossa
Audiovisual SGR will allow its members to negotiate preferential rates with lenders, allowing greater access at lower cost," says media lawyer Juan Manuel de la Ossa, Audiovisual SGR's development director.
Italy's Olympic marathon champion Stefano Baldini and five-time European cross country winner Sergiy Lebid from the Ukraine intend to try to run Gebrselassie's renowned finishing speed out of himBut the highly talented pair might themselves find it difficult to cope, not only with the ``Emperor'' but also with the Spanish duo of Juan Carlos de la Ossa and Jose Manuel Martinez.
SPANIARD Juan Carlos de la Ossa sealed a thrilling win in Edinburgh as he powered to the fastest 10km time in Britain this yearHis BUPA Great Caledonian Run success quickly followed that of Jelena Prokopcuka, winner of the women's race a few minutes earlier, to complete a rare double for European athletes at the capital meeting.