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large harmless hawk found worldwide that feeds on fish and builds a bulky nest often occupied for years

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Osprey 2002A was widely transient in Minnesota and northern Wisconsin for about 5 days in 2004 (23-27 Apr) before settling near St.
In 2005, while monitoring osprey nests in northern Michigan to identify appropriate chicks for removal and hacking, biologists observed an unexpectedly high level of chick mortality.
The Osprey team projects that by optimizing simulators to complete up to 75 percent of 100-level training at the Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS), the number of MV-22 aircraft marked for training can be reduced from 40 to 20.
Two weeks later, an Osprey carrying four Marines crashed, this time due to faulty hydraulics.
Never, that is, until I began to contemplate the osprey.
com Kielder Osprey Watch 2014 continues to run every weekend from 11am - 4.
The Osprey 825e is another great addition to our Osprey line.
Roche spoke of the positive aspects the Osprey can bring to the military.
Perhaps the MV-22 Osprey should be renamed Phoenix since this remarkable and controversial aircraft has twice risen from the ashes of skepticism and tragedy.
The V-22 Osprey can take off like a helicopter and fly like an airplane.
Osprey's team of field technicians install and maintain Osprey equipment all over the world, as well as provide inplant training for customer personnel.
The PCI-X bus, which was the highest data throughput technology until PCIe was introduced, is rapidly disappearing from PC motherboards, so the hundreds of thousands of Osprey cards installed in the market will need to be replaced when users upgrade their systems to faster CPUs requiring high-performance motherboards," said David Stoner, president of ViewCast.
IThe story of the iconic osprey in Wales involves migration flights of thousands of miles, persecution by humans including egg collectors, nest collapses, dangers from pesticides, and survival against all the odds by a cast of beautiful characters.
Hundreds of visitors to Kielder Forest and Water Park have been watching two osprey nests with three chicks in each on web cam broadcasts and through telescopes at an observation point at Leaplish.
A Dyfi osprey Meanwhile the Dyfi Osprey Project near Machynlleth is still awaiting the return of its male osprey from his African migration.