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(physical chemistry) the pressure exerted by a solution necessary to prevent osmosis into that solution when it is separated from the pure solvent by a semipermeable membrane

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Moreover, Figure 4 indicates that the change tendency of permeability-strain curve and stress-strain curve under different confining pressures and osmotic pressures can be observed in different forms.
Caption: Figure 4: (a) Zeta potential of nZnO suspension and (b) particle size of nZnO particles under different osmotic pressures.
20 [micro]l supernatant has been taken by centrifuging the sperm conserved in Hank's solution for 5 minutes at 12,000 rpm and its osmotic pressure has been measured in micro osmometer device.
In TCAE, spermatozoa DNA damage was higher (Pless than 0.05) at both 260 and 290 mOsm/kg compared to other osmotic pressures. Mean post thaw spermatozoa characteristics at different osmotic pressures are presented in Table 2.
Differences in osmolality create osmotic pressure and generate the net movement of water into or out of a body compartment.
[17] to characterize fiber reinforced materials extensively used for biological tissues, was modified to introduce the contribution of the osmotic pressure. This term takes into account the effect of the electric charged proteoglycans and it can be coupled with biphasic formulation.
The haemolymph osmotic pressure (OP) of each of the specimens was measured at the end of the acclimation period for the different salinity/temperature combinations.
Glomerular capillary colloid osmotic pressure ([[PI].sub.GC]), which is about 18 mmHg.
Constituent Herbs Weight (g) Coptidis Rhizoma 2.0 Scutellariae Radix 3.0 Phellodendri Cordex 1.5 Gardeniae Fructus 2.0 Table 2 Plasma proteins, antioxidant compounds and osmotic pressures before and 120 min later the administration of TJ-15.
As various osmotic pressures adjust, the lymph system takes up the proteins and fluids that are not returned to blood capillaries.
Later on, the solution was divided in five equal parts to prepare required osmotic pressures i.e.
Osmotic pressure is generated by active material in itself or induced with the help of osmogen.
Forward osmosis or 'manipulated osmosis' or just 'osmosis' are terms used to describe a natural phenomenon, whereby a solvent flows from a region of lower osmotic pressure across a selectively permeable membrane to an area of higher osmotic pressure.