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Synonyms for concentration

Synonyms for concentration

a converging at a common center

concentration of the mental powers on something

Synonyms for concentration

the spatial property of being crowded together

strengthening the concentration (as of a solute in a mixture) by removing diluting material

bringing together military forces

great and constant diligence and attention

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The osmotic concentration of the hemolymph was measured with an osmometer (Wescor VAPRO 5600).
Thirty episodes in 9 patients were treated with almost identical osmotic concentrations of HS or mannitol.
1] in the same species when evaluated the effect of salinity on the osmotic concentration at 23[degrees]C.
ATPase) or acetazolamide (an inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase) prior to transfer to dilute seawater, the hemolymph osmotic concentration continues to drop after the first 24 h to levels substantially below that in crabs that had not been injected prior to transfer (Henry and Cameron, 1982; Siebers et al.
The application of osmotic concentration for produced and process water treatment using thermal brine as draw solution is considered novel and the results concluded that osmotic concentration can reduce produced and process water volumes from Qatari gas fields in a cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable manner.
The salinity of the seawater in each tank was established using a refractometer, and its osmotic concentration was measured with a vapor pressure osmometer (Wescor, Inc.
The effect of hyperosmotic shock on the osmotic concentration of the perivitelline fluid within the eggs was also examined.
A decrease of the environmental osmotic concentration gives a result of a decrease on the amino acids in the tissues and an increase in the ammonium excretion on the organisms (Lange 1972).
These samples of coelomic fluid, as well as samples of ambient water, were assayed as follows: osmotic concentration was measured with a vapor pressure osmometer (Wescor Model 5100C); chloride ion concentration was measured with a chloride titrator (Radiometer CMT10); and calcium ion concentration was measured with a calcium ion selective electrode (Radiometer ISE25Ca).
The hemolymph osmotic concentration was close to that of the medium, different from it by only 9 to 22 mosm/kg, 15 mosm/kg on average.