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the recording produced by an oscillograph

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Oscillogram of the registration of bacteria feeding behavior during the polymer "attack".
Kishinouye with, is that the oscillograms he made were the first acoustic emission waveforms ever recorded.
We present a representative audiospectrogram and oscillogram for a selected 2.
Figure 3 shows an oscillogram of the phase discriminator output.
The value of the division along the process axis for the voltage oscillogram (curve 1) is 7.
This moment indicates the start of the chamfer crossing stage and as a result of the peg-chamfer contact, the oscillogram displayed on the computer screen shows the voltage jump (Fig.
The results obtained for five different distances (see the oscillogram on Figure 3 for distance
The amplitude of the sound was traced by measuring the height of the highest sound cycle of the sound pulses analyzed in the oscillogram.
3 presents spectrum and oscillogram of this electromagnetic pulse received by the horn 7 in the case when it is transmitted directly from the horn 4.
1A is an oscillogram of 120 s activity from the enclosed, acoustically shielded environment.
Processing of this oscillogram according to the requirements of the Standard IEC 60060-2 determines the response time of the B[?
3 shows an oscillogram of the pulsed A--component of artificial lightning current obtained by means of a measuring coaxial disk shunt of the type IIIK-300M2, included in the discharge circuit of a powerful GCL [3] reproducing according to the requirements of normative documents [1, 2] on the active-inductive load ([R.