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a mouth or mouthlike opening

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a hard brittle blue-grey or blue-black metallic element that is one of the platinum metals

the left eye

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rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates

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As previously reported, the GSA issued a proposed rule to create a new OSAR Subpart 538.
Alongside combat rescue officers and pararescuemen from Moody's 38th Rescue Squadron, the unit provides OSAR coverage for all U.
sky wearing a flowing white dress with an old-time megaphone in her hand, while three-time Oscar-winning Osar makeup artist Ve Neill looks like she dressed for a pirate ship, with a cutlass in one hand and a musket in the other.
Osar noms for December releases 1997 51% 2000 36% Note: Table made from a pie chart.
These documents are then permanently written to optical disk and stored in the OSAR library where they become official hospital documents.
Osar is an expert in capital markets, foreign currency, mergers and acquisitions financing, IPOs, and structured finance.
Fitch modeled cash flow based on YE2011 OSAR and normalized 2012 rent roll.
Per the servicer year-end 2016 OSAR, total revenues declined to $51.
Study type" = "experimental Used to select only experimental result" data and to exclude other study types such as OSAR results.
En el caso del inquisidor, la conciencia moral advierte el riesgo de un error moral, el cual queda al descubierto con la violacion del principio "no se debe osar nada con peligro de que sea injusto" (66).
han de osar contra la sacrosanta religion romana y contra su verdad sola y eterna, amenazando la libertad de las almas y de los cuerpos; y que el conde Palatino, que ha pisado entre vuestra sangre la de Cristo, pretenda con estos sacrilegios ser ungido y no penitenciado (91)?
6 (SUNA) - The Ambassador of Algeria to Sudan, Ahmed Osar, has affirmed the keenness of Algeria to support Sudan at all levels, adding that Algeria remained standing alongside Sudan at the regional and international forums.
Como osar mutilar con el hierro un cuerpo tan puro y tan bello, un ser exento de pecado?
Sema Akalin, Mustafa Araz *, Mustafa Kemal Balci **, Abdurrahman COmlekci ***, Taner Damci ***, Tomris Erbas ***, Ilhan Satman ***, Zeynep Osar Siva ***, Kursat Unluhizarci ***
Sin embargo, al inicio de la conferencia Foucault advierte que no la ha titulado porque "habia uno [titulo] que lo obsesionaba pero no lo he querido escoger" y al finalizar la misma manifiesta: "se entiende por que no habia podido dar o, mejor, osar dar a esta conferencia un titulo que hubiera sido ?