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treatment of defects of binocular vision (such as strabismus and amblyopia) by nonsurgical measures (especially by exercises to strengthen the eye muscles)

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There was no history of amblyopia treatment, no orthoptic exercises prescribed and no evidence of a squint noticed by the optometrist or by the family.
Dr Charlotte Codina, from the University's Academic Unit of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics, led the research and found that children born deaf are slower to react to objects in their peripheral vision compared to hearing children.
associate professor and head of the Discipline of Orthoptics, University of Sydney, C42 Cumberland Campus, Lideombe NSW 2141, Australia; e-mail: <elaine.
She qualified in orthoptics before setting up her own business for which she has just won three top awards.
She battled to complete her exams at school and then a degree in orthoptics before getting a job she loved in the NHS.
Keith then met his wife and Belfast girl Anne, aged 38, when she was over in Coventry studying orthoptics at Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital.
Static vergence and accommodation: Population norms and orthoptics effects.
Eight went to teacher training colleges while other people studied physiotherapy, nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy and orthoptics.
Vision care benefits provide a variety of services to plan participants that are not usually covered by regular health insurance plans, such as eye examinations, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and orthoptics (eye muscle exercises).
Computer Orthoptics (VHT3), developed and produced by HTS Inc, contains diagnostic and therapeutic programs.
Health services will include podiatry, orthoptics, physiotherapy, health visitors and district nurses, midwifery and visiting specialists.
Convergence insufficiency and its managements: an evaluation of 100 patients receiving a course of orthoptics.
software systems, VTS3 Computer Orthoptics and ADR iNet Dynamic Reader.
If a stroke patient has vision problems it can impact on the rest of their rehabilitation in a variety of ways, including reading difficulties and moving around properly," said Fiona Rowe, from the University's Directorate of Orthoptics and Vision Science.
The College of Optometrists have details of courses available in areas such as contact lens practice, orthoptics, therapeutics and ocular conditions such as diabetes and glaucoma.