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any of various insects having leathery forewings and membranous hind wings and chewing mouthparts

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Where doubtful, the identities of the orthopteran specimens were verified by orthopterists: Andrej V.
Majority of Orthopterans and Lepidopterans are known crop pests whereas most of the Coleopteran, Hymenopteran and Araneae species are natural enemies of crop pests.
The results indicate that JH has a pro minent role in regulating vitellogenesis in this orthopteran, but they do not eliminate the possibility that other endocrine factors from the cerebral and/or retrocerebral neuroendocrine systems may also have regulatory functions in vitellogenesis.
Orthopteran mating systems: sexual competition in a diverse group of insects.
Orthopteran sexual identity was of more than passing interest during the production of "Exorcist II: The Heretic" -- a late-night feature at this year's festival.
Due to this adaptation to nectar-feeding, one species of Gryllacrididae from La Reunion in the Mascarene Islands, Glomeremus orchidophilus Hugel et al., 2010, evolved to become the only known orthopteran pollinator (Micheneau et al.
Although present in most land-use types studied, orthopteran fauna (crickets and grasshoppers) and myriapods (centipedes and millipedes) were the least abundant invertebrate groups found in the study.
Inventory of the orthopteran species of the Rhone department (southeastern France).
This study also reported a sharp decline in generalist orthopteran herbivores (i.e., grasshoppers and tree crickets) abundance with increasing distance from the mainland (Harvey and MacDougall, 2014).
Benediktov (2015) analyzed a calling community of the orthopteran (Tettigoniidae and Gryllidae) community from an agrocenosis in eastern Bulgaria by straight-forward interpretation of spectrograms, showing that valuable information can be extracted from overall recordings "manually", without complex computer algorithms.
The physical basis for frequency in orthopteran pure-tone songs has been well-documented and relies on a combination of a frequency multiplier and specialized resonating structure (Bennet-Clark 1999; Bennet-Clark 2003).
Locusts and grasshoppers constitute an economically important group of orthopteran pests that infest a number of cultivated and non-cultivated crops.