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With the oldest members of this generation (an estimated 78 million people) now eligible for early retirement, industry experts predict that baby boomers will turn to the orthopedic implant market in droves to alleviate the natural wear and tear on their aging joints.
The Highland Heights, OH-based orthopedic implant manufacturer also increased capacity in its Swiss turning and milling department and made capital investments in equipment to support its quality inspection department.
"Technology advancement, coupled with demographics, are driving the orthopedic implant markets," noted Dhiraj Ajmani, a senior analyst at Frost & Sullivan.
AMT Medical, headquartered in Monroe, Washington, is a medical contract manufacturer of orthopedic implants and surgical instruments.
Arcam's market is global with customers mainly in the orthopedic implant and aerospace industries.
This study exhibited that PLLA with 0.5% silver nitrate coated on SS 316L orthopedic implant show remarkable reduction in bacterial adhesion in vitro.
Micron Products announced on Thursday an extension of its supply agreement with Blue Belt Technologies to produce orthopedic implant components used in their STRIDE Unicondylar Knee System.
Founded in 1971, PTI is one of the industry's major producers of plastic orthopedic implants and trial components, surgical support instrumentation and precision-machined parts.
Domestic and international sales increased at about equal rates due to higher shipments of orthopedic implants and MedSurg equipment, according to the company.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 11, 2015-Arrhythmia Research Technology extends orthopedic implant supply agreement with Blue Belt Technologies
To meet growing demand, contract manufacturer Micron Products, has created an integrated system for orthopedic implant manufacturing that not only leads to further innovation, but also reduces time to market, cuts costs and eliminates supply chain breaks.
Summary: The global veterinary orthopedic implant market was valued at US$ 86.3 Mn in 2017.
[USPRwire, Mon Dec 17 2018] With major cause of amputation being associated with diseases apropos of ageing such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis, orthopedic implant manufacturers continue to seek a plethora of opportunities in tandem with the rise in geriatric population worldwide.