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a specialist in correcting deformities of the skeletal system (especially in children)

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A psychiatrist has been appointed in each governorate and the ministry is now in the process of providing health centres with visiting orthopaedists and consultants in other specialisations.
The twins were separated by a team of 27 doctors comprising of paediatric surgeons, orthopaedists, plastic surgeons and critical care specialists on April 5 in a surgery which took over 14 hours.
This final 2006 edition and the volume to be published in early 2007 are comprised of select review papers by our graduating Chief Residents and are representative of the breadth of topics that are of interest to orthopaedists today.
- orthopaedists who want an audit trail of their decision-making process to assist with post-therapy treatment planning
For example, members helped identify more than 120 fellow orthopaedists who had served in WWII and who were wiling to share their stories.