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designating or relating to a form of treatment of mental disorders that seeks to restore biochemical balance in the body with large doses of vitamins and minerals

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So basically, if you've ever popped a multivitamin or taken health supplements, chances are you've already done some informal orthomolecular treatment on yourself.
From experience, the author is convinced that nutrition as simplistic as the one outlined below can work as equally well as extensive and expensive orthomolecular programs, especially when adequate emotional and perhaps even spiritual support is provided.
The omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are orthomolecular, conditionally essential nutrients that enhance quality of life and lower the risk of premature death.
The products, promoted as natural health products that contain live bacteria (probiotics) for therapeutic purposes, include Saccharomyces Boulardii by Advanced Orthomolecular Research Inc, and Herbasaurs Bifidophilus for Kids and Acidophilus Bifidobacterium by Nature's Sunshine Products of Canada Ltd.
The 68-year-old research chemist founded, with Nobel Prize-winner Linus Pauling and another colleague, the Orthomolecular Institute in Menlo Park, Calif.
CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM are vital in the battle against depression, Doctors Abram Hoffer and Morton Walker write in their book, Orthomolecular Nutrition (Keats).
Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, the father of orthomolecular medicine, introduces this alternative approach to the treatment of bipolar disorder.
There are many other systems worth trying that have helped countless people suffering with depression-clinical nutritional therapy or orthomolecular medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture, massage, laughter therapy, therapeutic touch.
In "Healthy Living Made Easy", orthomolecular nutritionist Steven Whiting deftly draws upon his considerable expertise in the field of human nutrition to provide non-specialist general readers with an informed and informative introduction and overview of what they need to know in order to have a comprehensive and applicable basis for establishing a healthy diet for a sound body, engaging in effective exercise for weight management, and create a personalized supplement program that will best maximize their personal health and well-being regardless of their age or circumstance.
Quantitative chromatographic analysis in orthomolecular medicine.
We compared the nutritive value with those of vegetables and fruits that were available in scientific literature and discussed them under orthomolecular medical aspects (Vetter and Lelley, 2004; Lelley and Vetter, 2005).
His son was one of the early patients to recover when treated with orthomolecular methods.
Strontium Support, from Advanced Orthomolecular Research in Canada, must be ordered through Global Vitamins in Calgary (866-505-5655, www.globalvitamins.ca) and paid for in Canadian dollars (your credit card company should make the conversion).
O is also for orthomolecular therapy, which tries to alter the level of substances in the body, e.g.