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not pertinent to the matter under consideration

statistically unrelated

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having a set of mutually perpendicular axes


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23), at the receiver side, during a symbol period, the signal is received by both two orthogonally polarized antennas and the difference is the signal's power.
In the second case, as y [right arrow] [+ or -] [infinity], the curve [gamma] tends again to a point of the light cone, that it touches orthogonally, while, when [phi] [right arrow] 0, the curve is asymptotic to a coordinate axis x = 0 or y = 0.
2] have the same eigenvalues, and the distribution Z2 is orthogonally invariant.
The return mapping procedure expressed by (18)-(21) is carried out here on the orthogonally similar tensor [?
It represents a model similar to a tethered helicopter, with orthogonally disposed axes of rotation.
Each of the three sensors is positioned orthogonally inside the antenna housing to transmit/receive a spherical radiation pattern so all radiation is measured at the antenna's geographical position, regardless of the direction in which it arrives.
The SX 1 near-field probe set includes a new member: the SX-B 3-1 H-field probe for frequencies between 1 GHz and 3 GHz, whose measurement coil is arranged orthogonally to the probe shaft and thus rests directly on the surface of the PCB when the probe head is held vertically.
One possibility Gideon proposes describes an alien narrative in which the views and behaviors of the aliens are viewed not in opposition to humans, but orthogonally so that the two cannot be viewed in relation to one another.
To produce episcopic DIC conditions, an illumination source is polarized by a rotatable filter and directed through the Nomarski prism, where the light is separated into two orthogonally polarized beams.
3] represent average cross-sectional areas of said fluff wood pulp fibers observed on two cross-sections extending orthogonally to each other and to said horizontal plane.
Between these two examples, the mechanical function required by the spinal orthosis varies between responding to an axial compressive force versus an orthogonally directed shear force.
The retained factors/components are rotated orthogonally to make it easier to interpret the retained components.
Pieces in such a chain must 'join' orthogonally, that is, edgewise, being adjacent either horizontally or vertically.
Comprehensive 2-D-LC combines two independent separation modes orthogonally in combination with a dual-loop/dual-valve alternate switching system to increase separation efficiency.
They cover adaptations and resilience in different domains, different systems-level approaches, and orthogonally enabling capabilities.
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