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not pertinent to the matter under consideration

statistically unrelated

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having a set of mutually perpendicular axes


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The sensor was placed with the X-axis set in parallel according to the vehicle's movement, so the highest signal-change should be observed within the Y axis of the sensor, which was placed orthogonally.
These scanners are mounted orthogonally to one another.
The cursor either stopped midcourse for a period of time or moved backward or orthogonally with respect to the direction toward the target.
of Kassel, Germany) explore polarization phenomena in lasers, particularly lasers emitting radiation in two linear polarization states that are exactly orthogonally oriented to each other.
Incarnation of Wind and Condensation, 2013, was in the foyer-bar designed by Taeuber-Arp, orthogonally composed from floor to ceiling in red, gray, and white.
Two X-ray beams were projected orthogonally to their corresponding film exchangers, which were angled 90[degrees] in relation to each other.
Using three orthogonally emplaced sensors in one single point and a sound pressure transducer it reads pressure and vector values in 3D, all in a very compact and light item of say, 5 x 5 x 5 mm and a few grams.
One of the significant conditional equation is the so-called orthogonally quadratic functional equation of Pexideized type,
PCA represents a feature extraction technique where the methylation data is orthogonally transformed, such that the first principal component has the largest possible variance (accounts for maximal amount of variability in the methylation data), and each succeeding component in turn has the next highest variance possible.
Barotropic, across-shelf advection in this region is associated with a wind-driven system of upwelling and downwelling (Wong & Garvine 1984, Sanders & Garvine 1996, Whitney & Garvine 2005); however, surface advection can also be forced by winds blowing orthogonally to the coast (Janzen & Wong 2002, Tilburg 2003).
This drill bit created a lateral hole that connected orthogonally with the medially drilled hole in order to create two separate transosseous tunnels.
They are placed orthogonally to the axis of the spindle on aerostatic supports.
The components then are orthogonally rotated in space to transform into latent factors that are explained by variables that correlate with them.
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