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a practitioner of orthoepy (especially one of the 17th or 18th century scholars who proposed to reform English spelling so it would reflect pronunciation more closely)

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the orthoepist the orthographer, the word-pedlar, is here shewn to the life.
Its beginning is marked by Mulcaster's publication, which was followed by numerous other works written by spelling reformers, orthoepists and schoolmasters.
While Crystal provides an indication of his methodology for devising his "OP" text (including phonetic spelling, internal rhyme, evidence from contemporary orthoepists, stress patterns and so on), he is forced to concede that pronunciation "is the most difficult domain to interpret historically because, in an era before sound recording, speech--unlike buildings, costumes and props--leaves no evidence of how it was" ("Saying It as It Was," Around the Globe 27 [2004], 14).
And a reassurance to those of you have heard my frequent mispronunciations--these were written by noted orthoepists Constance Bahoukis and Enid Pearson, late of Random House.
Evidence from the orthoepists is offered by Nevalainen and Raumolin-Brunberg (2000: 238) in (2).